How to charge your phone properly so your battery lasts longer

How to properly charge mobile devices in 2022: phone, smartphone, tablet?

From this manual you will learn how to charge your phone correctly so that the battery lasts much longer. The guide is relevant for any modern mobile gadget – smartphone, tablet, fitness bracelet, smart watch, etc.

battery charging

Extending battery life

Whether you have an original battery or a Chinese equivalent, all of the following recommendations will apply to any modern device.

  • Avoid “critical” temperatures – try to keep your phone in adverse temperature conditions – below 10 degrees below freezing or 30 degrees below warm. Nothing will happen in an hour or two, but prolonged exposure in such a situation may have a negative effect on the chemical composition of the battery, causing accelerated corrosion processes that destroy the battery;
  • Try to keep the charge at 20-80%, avoiding a discharge to zero – this has a negative effect on the life of the battery. This will have a negative effect on battery life. calibration;
  • Each device has its own lifespan (a limited number of cycles). Therefore, if you plan to play a lot of modern games, the maximum load on the processor, the graphics chip, then you should initially buy a smartphone with a higher-capacity battery – from 3000 mAh;
  • Most new models from different manufacturers support fast charging technology. But for this purpose, it is extremely important to use the “native” power supply, so that the current and voltage corresponded to the needs of the hardware modules.

You should agree that there is nothing complicated in the tips discussed. Follow these rules – and the result will not keep you waiting.

How to properly charge your phone – features 2022

In fact, there are no differences from last year’s methods. After all, the structure, the composition of the batteries remained the same. But many device owners still believe in the “ancient myths” about the need for a full discharge/charge, initial overclocking, etc. If you belong to this category of users – forget everything you knew before!

  • Just connect the charger to your smartphone, charge it to the desired level and continue to use it! But in the process of “recharging” you should clear all background services and close applications to avoid hidden consumption. This way the procedure will take less time, in the future there will be no problem with incorrect display of the level, which means that you can calibrate less often. Ideally, turn on power saving mode (most gadgets have this feature), turn off WiFi, data transfer, Bluetooth. If you are not expecting an important call or message, then activate aviation mode;

  • Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations that may cause the battery to leak, which subsequently leads to premature bloating or even fire;

  • Charging to 100% is not necessary. Charging to 100% is not necessary. 70-80% is enough. But even if you forget to disconnect your device from the mains in time, nothing bad will happen. Almost all modern devices are equipped with protection against overcharging, which blocks the power supply when the limit level is reached;

  • Charge more often, in small portions. There is an opinion that it is desirable to recharge the battery “rarely, but often”. In fact, this rule is no longer relevant. On the contrary, it is worth to put it on charge as much as possible to keep the % in the range of 20-80;

  • If the phone gets very hot in the process, it is not normal. It should be slightly warm, but not hot. The temperature increase can be caused by the use of a non-original power supply, which has a higher voltage and amperage than required. Also, this happens when you forget to close active applications, games;

  • You can also charge the battery outside. The main thing is that it was not too hot and not too frosty (see the rules at the beginning of the article). Do not forget about humidity – the higher it is, the more negative it can affect the smartphone.

For most we have not discovered America, but we are sure that there will be people who read such advice for the first time. Feedback (comments, reposts) will be appreciated.

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