How to chat in Discord: setting up conversations and how to join a chat room

Discord is called a software messenger, which includes the ability to communicate via text dialing or voice chat. This application is not yet so well known, but is already gaining popularity because of the stable operation, which does not require large resources from the device. In Discord, the developers have included increased protection against hacking, which plays no small role in the information age. But many people still do not know how to communicate in the Discord app.


What is voice chat in Discord?

To start communicating in voice chat, the user will have to first turn on the microphone.

Algorithm of actions in order to start a conversation in the voice chat:

  1. First, the user joins the voice channel. To do this, click a special icon in the form of a speaker on the server.
  2. Next, a green outline will appear near the avatar when the person starts talking into the microphone.
  3. If you want to configure the voice options, the person you are talking to taps the gear icon. The general user settings will then open. On personal computers, this menu is located in the lower left corner of the server.
  4. Next, the person goes to the voice and video settings to adjust the audio input, microphone sensitivity and other options.

Also, the owner of the device optionally adjusts the volume of other interlocutors in the voice chat. To do this, right-click on the avatar on the computer or on the name of the person on the smartphone.


How to talk in Discord

Basically, Discord is used by gamers who play team games. To talk in Discord, you need a microphone. You can listen to the interlocutor through speakers or headphones.

Before you start a conversation on your computer or phone in the application, you need to create a separate server, and then – a voice channel. Without a voice channel, you cannot talk with a microphone. Instructions on how to make your own voice chat:

  • First, the messenger is launched. Then, in the left half of the working area, find the server shortcut where the user wants to create a voice channel. On the server click the right mouse button.


  • A drop-down menu opens in front of the person, where they select “Create Channel”. Next, the system opens a new dialog box. In it, the user chooses the type of chat – voice or text. It is also required to give him a name.


  • After completing these steps, click on the button “Create Channel”. A new voice chat appears on the left side of the display. The speaker icon near the name of the chat symbolizes the fact that it refers to the voice type.


  • Then proceed to debugging the channel. To do this, click on the gear icon next to the name of the chat. In the dialog box, a person can change the name, edit the sound settings and the number of users. The maximum number of interlocutors is 99.


It is possible to create a channel with voice messages from your phone in Discord in the same way as on a personal computer. The layout of the settings on both devices is the same.

Can I talk without a microphone?

It is not possible to talk in the voice chat without a microphone. But it is possible to create a text channel in which it is possible to communicate via text. However there is a possibility to talk with another person without a microphone of one of the interlocutors. The algorithm for creating this type of chat:

  • First, one enters the app.


  • Then they click on the blue button at the top of the screen with the image of the Discord symbol or avatar, if it is set by the user.
  • Next, they select the desired person in the list of friends and click on the phone to start the call.
  • At the end you need to wait until the person you’re talking to joins in.


Possible problems

Possible problems in the messenger arise mainly because the microphone does not work. Consider the causes of this situation:

  • Malfunction of the device. To check the problem, the microphone is connected to another computer. If the malfunction is confirmed, you should simply replace the microphone.
  • Added microphone volume in the audio settings. It happens that the user himself did not intentionally disable the device. In such a case, the speaker icon in the panel in the lower left corner is crossed out. This feature is specially built into the application in case other people approach the person.
  • Driver problems. You can check if there is a problem in the Device Manager. The system will show the user a message about problems with the device if there are missing or outdated drivers for the peripherals on the computer.

Communicating via the messenger Discord is quite simple. The application supports both text and voice communication. To join the Voices Channel, a person would have to buy a microphone.

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