How to check the remaining traffic on MTS via computer, phone

How to check how many megabytes are left on MTS

Unfortunately, nowadays none of the operators offers products that allow getting an unlimited amount of traffic, so the actual question is how to check the remaining traffic on MTS via computer, phone or by other means. This is the topic of today’s article.

Everything depends on the tariff

The amount of Internet directly depends on the selected billing plan or a specially connected option. There are several options with which you can easily and quickly see your balances.

To begin with, let’s look at the “Smart” line, which already includes an Internet package. For example, to check on “Smart Nonstop”, you need to enter the combination *100*1# and press dial-up key. After that a reply message comes back with the available balance. Requests are unlimited, and the service is free of charge.

Not all subscribers know that when the main available volume is exhausted, an additional Internet package will be automatically connected, for example, if you use more than one gigabyte on the “Smart Mini”, a little more will be connected. To check such residual traffic, enter *111*217# and the call button. This feature is also free.

Package offers

Additional options in some cases are the most optimal solution, so if you have decided to connect one of these on your device, it can be “MTS Smart Unlimited” or access to the network for a day, the remainder of the package is checked with the command *217#, then press call. In the reciprocal text SMS will contain the requested information. The service is available 24 hours a day and in unlimited quantity.

How do I check traffic on my modem?

Usually included in the package with a USB device is a SIM card, by default it can be set:

  • “Connect 4” (suitable for equipment operating in the 3G network);
  • “Internet Mini”, “Maxi” or “VIP” (suitable for 4G compatible devices).

It is easy to check the remainder of the package on this equipment by a combination of *217#The specialized program “Connect manager” will help you, it is the one which controls the device. The requested information comes to the special section of this program via SMS.

It is possible to make the data to be visible online, you only need to download the extension for Google Chrome, which is called “Connect Service”. After its installation in the top of the browser line will be visible balance, traffic, real speed.

MTS modem control panel

How to check the remaining traffic on the tablet

Not all models of these devices have call and SMS functions. In order to make it more convenient to check the data on TP, you should download the software “My MTS” to your tablet and watch the data in it. It is also suitable for smartphones. Works on Android and iOS operating systems, it’s easy to download in the official app stores for free.

View the traffic balance in MTS application

You can also check what you need in myAlpari. For this purpose it will be necessary to pass authorization on a site, you will receive the login and the password. You don’t need to pay for access to the Personal Cabinet, no subscription fee is stipulated. It is easy to change the tariff, for example, you can change “MTS Mini” to “VIP”, check itemization, activate and deactivate services. In addition, the operator offers a similar service – Internet Assistant. It is identical to the office and even has a common password.

If you are not happy with it, just take it out of your tablet and put it into your phone, then enter *217# (the same command is used to check the volume of the Internet on MTS Bit) or *111*217#, it all depends on the connected TP.

One more way

For many people, the most convenient and traditional way to check balances was and still is to call customer service. How do you find out? You simply dial 0890 or 8 800 250 08 90Call your data. But you have to spend a little time, because most often the line with the operator is busy.

You can also personally visit a telecom shop and request information directly from consultants. For this you will need a document proving your identity.

If the traffic is already exhausted, but the month is not over, you can use additional options, for example, to connect “MTS Turbo Button”.

Now you also know how to check the remaining traffic on MTS through your computer or phone. You can use any option, they are available without a monthly fee. And how do you prefer to check?

Regards, Victor!

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