How to check your balance on Megafon – all ways

How to check your balance on Megafon

Hello. Are you ever in a situation when you need to make an urgent call but there is no money on your phone? I think it has happened to almost everyone at least once. It is clear that in order to use all the services offered by the operator you must always have money on your personal account. Today I would like to talk about how to check the balance on Megafon. Of course, you can always get out of it, even if it turns out to be zero or negative. But it is better to be prepared for such surprises and control your expenses.

Check account on your phone with Megafon

Why do you need such a check?

Many may say that everyone can check the balance, but often at the right moment all the combinations fly out of your head. So now we’re going to look at a few options for checking your account, so you can use at least one of them if you need to.

Megafon is one of the largest and most popular providers of communication services. Subscribers are satisfied with convenient and favorable rate plans, as well as the ability to quickly check not only the balance, but also the remaining traffic. All methods offered by the company are free and can be applied an unlimited number of times, regardless of the time of day. Regular checking and control will not only allow you to top up your account on time, but will also help you get information about your expenses. Why do users with a fixed subscription fee need it?

It’s simple, you can learn about the cost of additional connected services, paid subscriptions, options, and other things. Knowing the movement of finances on the account, you can adjust your spending, pick up another tariff if necessary, and disable unnecessary options.

How do I check the balance on Megafon?

You can check the balance on your MegaFon SIM card in several ways.


This option is considered the most common. Its popularity is explained simply: you need to dial only a few symbols and numbers and immediately you get an answer.

The command *100# call – is relevant anywhere, even if you are in roaming. It is free and available without restriction, you can request information about the status of the personal account even every hour. The dialed verification request works in almost all situations.

If you have a corporate rate – use the combination *110# and dial-up.


This verification option is also widely used. Many subscribers find it easier and faster to dial a short number and get an instant response. Moreover, you don’t have to write anything in this SMS message. You just send an empty message to 000100.

SMS number 000100

As soon as you send it, you will receive a reply with the necessary data. The method is also free and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Call to a special number

To make a call to a service number you need to enter the combination 0501 and press call, then connection to the auto-informing service will occur. The answering machine voice will give you the necessary information.

Megafon Special Number

You do not need to pay for checking, you receive information operatively, but this option may not suit everyone. If the phone model is already outdated, and the speakers give out bad sound, you just may not understand the words of the automatic informer. You can call the number at any time, and the number of requests is not limited.

Personal Cabinet

If data transfer works on your mobile device, or you use an Internet modem Megafon, you can go to the company’s website and find out everything you are interested in.

This method is not as fast, but it is very effective. In order to get the most out of your personal account, you will need to log in to the self-service system. After that you will be able to:

  • check the status of your account;
  • replenish the balance in any convenient way;
  • withdraw and transfer funds;
  • learn the news about the tariffs;
  • additional options;
  • connect, disconnect services;
  • control your Internet traffic.
Megafon personal cabinet with account balance

In addition, through the Internet you can order details and get a detailed report in the selected form. Such a feature will help to effectively spend your money from your personal account. So every advanced user should register in myAlpari and master the available functionality.

As noted above, if you use a MegaFon sim card on a modem, you don’t want to move it to your phone every time. So in this case, it will be more rational to go to the account in the cabinet. If this is confusing to you, you can connect a USB modem to a computer device and download a special program. As soon as you run it, the appropriate button will appear. Click “Request balance” and you will receive the information in an SMS message.

Megafon Desktop Gadget

Interesting features

Megafon is one of the few operators that allow you to find out the balance of another subscriber. This function will be convenient and useful in many cases. It is so easy to keep track of the money on your child’s phone and recharge him in time if necessary, so that he will always be in touch.

For the convenience of its users, the company has launched a new option – “Live Balance”.. This service allows you to monitor in real time the status of the personal account, not only your own, but also other phones. It is only necessary to activate the option, and then all the changes of funds will be visible on the screen of a tablet or other gadget.

For example, you sent an SMS to someone and immediately you will see how much less balance has become. Payment will be only 30 rubles per month. To connect it to yourself is very simple, you need to dial *134*1# and it will be connected automatically. You can cancel it, if you want to. Learn more about the terms of the option on the website of the service provider.

One more practical function – SMS balance. When the money on the account runs out or the balance changes, you will receive a notification. This feature is free, to connect you need to dial *105*600# and the dial-up key.

If these options are not enough, you can call a customer support consultant or go to the nearest Megafon Call Center. These methods are rarely used, but may come in handy in case of an urgent need.

The easiest way to use on your phone is with USSD-request. Well, if you want to find out such information through your computer, it’s better to use a personal account.

USSD Requests for Megafon

You can replenish your account in several ways:

  • In terminals;
  • In the operator’s salon;
  • Through Megafon payment cards;
  • Through electronic wallets;
  • Through a bank card and others.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to check the balance on Megafon, you just need to choose the most appropriate one for yourself. And what option do you use? Leave your comments and subscribe to blog updates.

Regards, Victor!

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