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In the market of electronic equipment smartphones have become the most real giants. They have long ago overtaken personal computers and laptops in sales, and man can not imagine life without a cell phone. With its help, he makes calls, builds written communications through e-mail, social networks and messengers, and learns about the latest world news. But, as is often the case, smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system are in the crosshairs of malicious software and viruses.

You can pick up a virus on Android anywhere – through apps, by browsing the Internet, and by clicking on ads. But if you regularly check your phone for viruses, you can not only detect malicious software in time, but also just to protect your device from hacker attacks.

  • Using antivirus programs;
  • using a personal computer and a laptop;
  • by turning to the software of online scanners.

Let us dwell in more detail on each of the three methods, listing their features and specifics of use.

virus in your phone

With anti-viruses

With anti-virus

On Google Play users find a large number of antiviruses. Most of them are presented by developers completely free of charge, so users have the right at any convenient moment to download the application, install it on the phone and scan it for viruses and other malware. There are also paid versions of anti-viruses with extended functionality. The decision which one to choose is yours.

Among the most popular anti-viruses stand out the following applications:

  • Avast Mobile Security;
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security;
  • AVG AntiVirus Free;
  • G-Data Internet Security;
  • McAfee Mobile Security.

The table below shows the main characteristics of antivirus applications.

Antivirus name


Size, in MB

Android version

Avast Mobile Security

Malware blocker, storage, power saving, doesn’t take much space in your device memory, analyze downloaded applications, remove unused files, Wi-Fi diagnostics, regular updates


5.0 and later

Bitdefender Mobile Security

100% virus protection, blocking malicious apps, protection on web


4.1 and higher

AVG AntiVirus Free

Game and app scanning, removes unwanted and harmful files, removes power saving, removes items that slow down your device, protects user data


5.0 and later

G-Data Internet Security

Anti-phishing, anti-virus protection for Android, phone lockPrevents spyware and SIM card spoofing, applications are protected by passwords


4.1 and higher

McAfee Mobile Security

anti-theft, phone finder, app privacy and malware monitoring, secure Wi-Fi access, performance and RAM optimization, secure lockdown


4.2 and up

Use antivirus apps is very simple. It’s enough to download your favorite and suitable application from Google Play to your device and then set the standard system scan settings. Applications are effective as a preventive measure and for the purpose of finding malware and removing it from the memory of the device.

Via computer

Via computer

Experienced users say that scanning your phone through a PC is the best option, but it does not give 100% accuracy in finding malicious files. Still, this option should be tried, especially as a preventive measure. To do this, you need to follow the algorithm of actions:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer;
  • install the drivers beforehand – thanks to them the devices will see each other, which means the synchronization will be much faster;
  • Set the phone to MTR (data transfer) mode
  • Go to settings and enable the developer mode;
  • opposite to item “USB debugging” Drag the slider to the right, activating the function;
  • Run an antivirus program and scan the media, including the smartphone. 

Online scanners

Online scanners

Online scanners are similar in principle to the applications downloaded from Google Play, although the difference is that you do not have to overload the memory of the device with additional software. What should I do if my smartphone keeps rebooting? There are a great many scanners without installation, but we will list the most reliable and proven:

  • ESET Online Scanner. Effective and one of the comprehensive online scanners for viruses and malware. All you have to do is select the online scan, then specify the areas of your device’s memory that raise the most questions. Another advantage of the scanner is that you do not need to have Root rights in order to check it.
  • Doctor Web’s online scanner. A powerful scanner used in checking questionable links and programs. You enter a link to a suspicious site into the field and run the scan. As a rule, the check is fast enough, and you save not only material resources, but also your own time.
  • VirusTotal. On the service site, you easily scan malicious links and codes of sites you doubt. The process takes minimum time, but you easily recognize malicious software and do not expose your personal data to danger.
  • Kaspersky Online Scanner (VirusDesk). Another popular and easy to use online scanner. The result gives a positive or negative verdict for a file or site.
  • VirSCAN. An application specifically designed for Android users. The developers regularly update the code so that the service recognizes the rarest types of viruses.

The listed online scanners are time-tested, absolutely free and available on the official sites of the developers.

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