How to check your phone for viruses via computer or online

Many users of mobile gadgets believe that there is no point in installing anti-virus utilities on smartphones. They not only consume resources, but also do not give any result. And there are not many threats for Android devices. In connection with this, people are interested in how to check the phone for viruses through a computer or online. We propose to consider the topic in more detail.

Search for viruses online

Effective detection methods

There are only three ways to perform a check for malicious scripts. Let’s start with the most effective ones.

Checking on your computer

This is not only my opinion, but also that of most mobile security experts. Very often the cause of malfunctioning “firmware” is a virus that damages the system core. As a result, the smartphone can not start or works incorrectly. It is not possible to correct errors directly from the phone. There is only one option left – to connect the gadget to a PC.

What you need to do:

  • On the computer install antivirus software (you can choose from of this list) or use built-in Windows Defender.
  • Connect the phone to the laptop via USB cable.
  • If the mobile device is in the loaded state, you should go to “Settings”, select the tab “Applications” and there find the browser (which you regularly use). After opening its properties, click the delete (clear) cache button:
Cleaning the browser cache on your smartphone
  • Now go back to your computer and open Explorer to see all the drives and connected devices. Right-click on the drive that corresponds to your smartphone, select “Scan” (or whatever is associated with the virus scan).
  • In the case of the built-in Windows Defender, you need to start Defender from the notification area, select the shield icon in the menu on the left, then select the option “Custom scan”. Specify the folders you want, or under “My Computer” select a removable drive:
Online tools to find viruses on your phone

For more in-depth analysis I advise to use the utility

DrWeb CureIt

. It does not need to be installed, just download, run, specify the drive to be checked. It is very effective solution!

How to check your phone for viruses with a mobile app?

Even though such programs consume some resources, but I would not recommend giving up on them. Of all the software I tried, the most “light” and undemanding was antivirus 360 Total Security. It also has a light version available for download on Google Play.

I would like to point out that this method is unlikely to help in case of critical damage. But to get rid of annoying ads, pop-up notifications of viral nature you will definitely get.

The principle of operation is simple – install, run the scan and that’s it:

Mobile 360 TS

Further the utility will run in hidden mode and repel all attacks of viruses in real time.

Use Internet services

How to check your phone for viruses through a computer online? For this there are many siteswhere you can scan suspicious files before installing them on your smartphone. This is relevant if a particular application is not in the official Google store, but it is available on third-party resources. Which you do not really trust.

I recommend a service AVC UnDroid. It is very easy to use. Go to the site, click on “Select APK” (APK file) and then you specify in the opening window the path to the installer application or game.

Site of the anti-virus online AVC UnDroid

The online analyzer will quickly give you the result and you can decide on the advisability of further action. The Virus Total online scanner works on a similar principle. But it is a more universal tool, suitable for checking not only mobile files, but also computer files.

When you have learned effective methods, how to check your phone for viruses online for free, you can calm down a little and be confident in the security of mobile gadgets.

And what option do you prefer? Share your opinion and experience in the comments, if not difficult.

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