How to clear internal memory on your Android phone

How to free Android memory without deleting anything!

Every day, in the era of rapid development of modern gadgets, rapidly developing games, various programs and mobile applications. That’s just the amount of memory smartphones are not rubber. And after some time of active use of the device the place for installing new applications may not remain. In this case, you need to move some or all of the software to the SD-card. There are several ways how to clear the internal memory of the phone on your Android!

The first and easiest way

The optimal method of cleaning the internal memory is a manual transfer of applications. To do this:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Find the item “Applications” – “Downloads”.
  3. Select what you want to transfer.
  4. Then tap on the button “Move to SD-card” and that’s it, it’s done!

This way, you free up space for new downloads without deleting the ones you’ve already installed.

Note, not everyone has the “Move to _SD__-card”_ may be active!

How to clear Android memory

The second way – how to clear the internal memory of the phone on Android

Let’s say you used the first method, but the cache remained in the phone memory.

What is a cache? The cache is a hidden memory, from which you can’t just get rid of.

In this case, it is worth using the application AppMgr III (App 2 SD). With its help you can quickly, and most importantly for free, free phone memory, clear the cache and another.


The arsenal of AppMgr III has many useful functions: clearing the cache in one click, quick deletion, informing the user when the program installation is complete, etc.

Method Three

Hidden memory takes up more space than the program itself. FolderMount is the best way to clean the internal memory, compared to the aforementioned. It is the one that is able to move that “terrible” cache from the phone. However, to work with this program, you will need root rights.

If you have them, then you can proceed to the transfer of data from the phone memory to the drive. “Unloading” your smartphone is done in a few steps:

  1. Start FolderMount.
  2. In the top corner you will see an icon “+”, tap on it.
  3. In the “Name” field enter a name.
  4. Then, choose “Destinations” and determine the folder on the SD-card, where you intend to move the cache.
  5. Confirm your actions by tapping on the pin icon opposite “Name”.
  6. After a successful transfer, the pin will turn green.

Simple things help you save time, save nerves (as strange as it may sound), organize a comfortable workspace, making life easier and brighter. Now you know how to clear the cachewithout uninstalling programs from your phone memory! To be continued;)

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