How to connect the joystick to the Android phone: ways to connect the gamepad

A couple of decades ago, even the description of a phone with different devices connected to it sounded funny and implausible. The phone was a completely self-contained and isolated gadget, to which you could only connect a charger and wired headphones. Today much has changed, and phones support the connection of external microphones, keyboards, Powerbank and joysticks. We’ll tell you how to connect a joystick to your Android phone.



In general, there are three types of controllers according to the type of connection:

  • Wired. They connect to your smartphone via a charging port, such as type-c or microUSB.
  • With a USB adapter included. These are such joysticks, which themselves run on batteries, but are not connected to the gadget itself, but to a small part consisting of a USB input and Bluetooth module.
  • Via Bluetooth. In this case, the controller communicates with the built-in Bluetooth module, which is available in every ordinary smartphone.


We will consider the first two types of connection in the next sub-item, but for now let’s deal with Bluetooth. Let’s say you have a brand new wireless Dualshock controller. The first thing you need to do is to insert the batteries in it and turn it on. Next, follow the following algorithm:

  • Turn on your smartphone.
  • Open the settings. This is usually the gear icon in the notification bar.


  • Go to the “Bluetooth” section.


  • Turn it on and search for devices nearby.
  • Find the name of the gamepad and connect to it.


  • If necessary, open the connection settings and turn on all the toggle switches. Sometimes you will need to check the “Use as multimedia device” box.

Done. Now it remains to enter the game, and then go to the control settings. There, specify which keys of the gamepad will be used and what they are responsible for.


Another situation: you only have a wired gamepad for the XBOX 360 console, so you can’t use Bluetooth. Since most joysticks have a USB-A input, you can’t plug them directly into type-C or MicroUSB. In this case you should use a USB-OTG adapter.


For example, type-C-USB adapters cost no more than 500 rubles. After the purchase connect the joystick to the adapter, and the latter, in turn, insert it into your Android phone. Done. This method is suitable for both fully wired variants and for devices with their own USB-adapter.

Thanks for reading.

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