How to connect your phone to TV via USB, HDMI or wirelessly

How to connect your smartphone to your TV via USB, HDMI, or wirelessly

I think you’ll agree with me that watching photos and videos in a large format is always more exciting and easier. It’s easy to play multimedia files on your TV, and you can also use your phone memory as a flash drive. There are several options on how to connect your phone to the TV via USB and wirelessly, it all depends on your technology and the availability of connection cables.

Controlling your TV with gestures

Down with the wires!

Almost all televisions with wireless technology support Wifi Direct, and certainly almost all phones have it. With this technology, devices can connect to each other without an access point. The TV sees the phone not as a simple storage device, but as a multimedia device. The pairing process for these two devices is as follows:

  • First of all, turn on the mobile gadget Wi-Fi Direct. With any version of the operating system, this mode is located in the wireless settings.
Activate the Wi-Fi Direct
  • Then perform the same actions on the TV. You can find the option in the network settings, its location may slightly differ depending on the brand of the device:
Turning direct on your TV
  • After activation of this option on the TV screen you will see a list of devices available for pairing. Among them, find your mobile device, choose it and without wires view anything on the big screen.

Speaking of ViFi Direct, it’s impossible not to mention ViFi Miracast. Miracast is an improved and more advanced technology, so not all devices can support it yet. Miracast, like Direct, is able to connect gadgets without involving routers.

The main advantages of Miracast are:

  • Excellent transmission quality of volumetric information (ideal for watching movies)
  • Pairing is protected by WPA2 encryption
  • Displays both the screen of the mobile device and vice versa
  • Transmits 3D and surround sound easily
  • Saves battery power

Connection instructions are as follows:

  • Turning on Miracast mode in the TV settings.
  • Selecting on the phone in the “Screen” section of the TV in the list of available devices for selection.
Turn on Miracast
Launch Broadcasting on your smart phone

If your TV doesn’t have Miracast support, but has WiDi support, you’re in big luck too, you can use that too. Another good news for those whose devices do not support either the first or the second – there are special adapters that can easily perform the above functions. They look like simple USB flash drives of large size, but it is easy to connect them to the port HDMI.

A simple solution how to connect your phone to the TV

For many, the more familiar option is to connect the phone to the TV with a usb cable. In this case, the Android device will be defined as a USB drive. Through the TV you have access to the internal memory of the gadget, as well as the information on the memory card.

Unified Universal Serial Bus (usb micro usb)

To pair it, you need to:

  • Insert the cable that comes with the mobile device with the micro yusb connector and the other side into the TV port.
  • If your phone asks you to select a connection mode, click on “USB Mass Storage Device”.
  • Depending on the model, the TV will need to be switched to a special mode for reading media files. When you press the button, the selection menu appears.
  • Select Multimedia or USB, and then the file type: it can be video, photo, or audio.
  • After the files have been viewed, the TV needs to be set to the original mode.

This option will not only help you watch what you wanted, but it will also charge your mobile device.

Bonuses from the manufacturer

There are a huge number of brands and brands on the tech market. Each of them is trying to “capture” a wider audience. So some manufacturers have created standards that make it as easy as possible to pair devices of the same brand.

If you want to connect a Samsung phone to a TV of the same brand, you only need to turn on the function “AllShare” on both gadgets. LG has a counterpart – “Smart Share”. In such proprietary technologies you will find other interesting innovations. For example, there are functions of automatic improvement of image quality, prompt conversion of information into the format supported by the receiver, even the phone can be used as a remote control. But this type of device connection will require an access point.

Samsung Samsung

HDMI Connecting Your Phone to a TV

You can call yourself lucky if your device has a micro or mini HDMI port. You can use it to make a wired connection as easy as possible. Of course, you can also connect a TV that also has this port. Otherwise, you will need an adapter-adapter. Such a cable is sold in many stores, departments with electronics, its cost is quite reasonable.

Micro HDMI cord

The order of pairing the two devices will be as follows:

  • Both devices must be turned off (the TV cord must be unplugged from the outlet);
  • The ends of the cable are connected to the sockets;
  • The phone and TV are switched on;
  • In the menu of the TV receiver as a signal source you must select the HDMI port, and then the mobile screen is displayed on the TV.

In the parameters of this connection you can specify the frequency and resolution of the image. This connection is very convenient, but there are still minuses. The biggest one is that the battery drains quickly. So you will need to keep it on a constant charge. In addition, there are older Android devices that do not transmit the full amount of information via cable, or those that require the installation of an additional application.

If your cell phone does not have the ability to connect to the HDMI connector, you should stock up on an adapter.

How to display images from your phone to the TV via MHL

One of the most modern and convenient wired connections today can be called MHL. This connection is performed using specialized cables or adapters that connect one side to the micro-yusb port and the other to HDMI. This pairing is able to provide not only power to the connected device, but also the highest quality playback and high speed data exchange.

There are two types of cables:

  • Active
  • Passive

In the first case, you need additional power, so this MHL cable has a second ysb port. The next option is only compatible with devices that both simultaneously support the new MHL standards.

Micro usb HDMI cable

The process of this connection is similar to pairing via HDMI.

Another new development of combining gadgets and TV in one system is called SlimPort. It works with a special adapter, one side of which is connected to the phone port usb and the other to the connector of the receiver. But in this case your gadget will not be powered, and it can be used only on devices which both support this technology.

And what about the “oldies”?

Modern televisions, such as Lg Smart TV, can easily connect to the Internet on their own, through them you can talk on SkypeThe TV can be used to output photos, videos from a phone or other digital device that supports the wireless DNLA protocol. These features are available in Samsung Smart TV, but the cost of such TVs is usually much higher. In short, it’s good to have a smart TV – there are plenty of options to connect to the newer unit, but what about the owners of older TVs? I can reassure you, there aren’t many options, but they do exist.

Usually an older TV has a couple of external connectors, such as “tulip”, SCART and others. On the phone you need the same micro usb output. Sometimes a 3.5 Jack port is used for pairing, and a 20-pin jack on iPhones. To connect such devices you will need adapters, it can be VGA – micro yusb, RCA – micro yusb and others. Here is just looking for such an adapter, most likely you will have to online stores, they are rarely available.

VJF - micro usb

A more expensive alternative to such “cords” is a TV set-top box. This is a special device that gives the usual TV receiver Smart functions. There are those that work on Android, there are the usual Windows systems. So the question of whether you can connect to the old TVIt’s easy to answer in the affirmative. The console will help to make any TV quite a modern computer apparatus, which has a lot of interfaces for pairing with third-party devices.

Android TV

These were the most popular and convenient options, so now you know how to connect your phone to the TV, too. In fact, it is not difficult, and if you have this idea, look carefully at the connectors on your TV, or better yet, look at the instructions to the device, then it will immediately become clear which option will suit you perfectly. So that you don’t miss out on valuable information, subscribe to the blog updates and you will always be up-to-date. I would be interested to know what pairing method you use.

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