How to count characters in Word or online

How to find out the number of characters in a Word document or online

Recently, I found out that many users engaged in writing articles do not know how to count the number of characters in the text in Word or online services. Moreover, there are those who use manual calculation. So in this article, I would like to detail how to do it correctly and quickly.

How do I know the number of characters in a Word document or online

Word editors

There are many different programs on the Internet for counting characters in a document. This can be some kind of online software, specially designed for such “work. But most often we use familiar text editors for this purpose.

The most popular and simplest is considered Microsoft Word. Just there is an elementary button that allows you to quickly and easily count how many characters you have already typed. Usually its name is “Number of words:…”. (in place of the ellipsis the number of words is marked). This tab is actually called statistics. It can always be found at the bottom of the editor window.

If you click on this button, a window pops up. There you need to pay attention to the lines with and without spaces. It is these digital combinations that show what we want to know.

Statistics window in Word

It is worth noting that the statistics window has many other necessary functions. For example, the program easily calculates the number of:

  • lines;
  • words;
  • pages;
  • paragraphs.

For secretaries, authors, and editors, such features are a must. Earlier versions of Word also have statistics accounting, the only difference is the location. In older programs, this window can be accessed through the service tab. You select the item of interest from there.

Older versions of Word statistics menu

In the newest versions of Word, “Statistics” is in the “Review” menu.

In LibreOffice Writer and in OpenOffice Writer, you also have to go into the service first. The appearance of the window itself remains the same. So the content won’t change either.

It may also happen that you are interested in the number of characters in some part only. The above editor will allow you to do this with ease. To do it this way:

  • Highlight the desired text segment;
  • Call the window with statistics (perform the same actions as described above).

There is a more expeditious way – the assignment of “hotkeys”. For this press Ctrl + Alt + . The cursor is transformed into an “interesting figure”. Now click on the number of words in the bar below. This will open a window with keyboard settings. Press the desired key combination (for example, Ctrl + Alt + S ), which will be easier for you to call the “Statistics” tab. After selecting, click on “Assign” and close it. Now the desired function will open when you activate the keyboard shortcut.

Create a new keyboard shortcut in Word

If you want to count characters in Excel, the TLSTR function comes in handy. That is the function that does all the “work”. With its help, you can find out the number of digits, spaces, letters in cells. In order to use it you need:

  • Enter “=DLSTR(cell_address)” into the formula line;
  • Press ENTER.

To determine the total number of characters in several cells at once you must use the Sum function together with DLSTR.

How to calculate the number of characters in the text online

Software developers do not sit still and are constantly creating new products that greatly facilitate our work and life. Any copywriter can easily name 2-3 sites that can determine the number of letters in the written text in real time. In addition, such resources can check the uniqueness, semantic core, spelling and other parameters. The list of their functions, as well as their choice, is quite wide, but we will consider only the most popular.


Serphunt is a comprehensive tool for determining the quality of text. Here’s what it can do:

  • count the number of characters;
  • analyze the density of keywords, additional words;
  • Exact/inaccurate occurrences are taken into account;
  • The results of scanning displays a mass of important SEO indicators: academic/classical “nausea”, the percentage of spam/water, etc;
  • Determines the presence of “stop words” and their number (frequency).

Why all this is needed? Thus you get a complete picture of the compliance of the text with the existing TOR. You can make manual adjustments, run a rescan and immediately see the effect of the changes.

Serphant is a free service with a simple Russian-language interface. All you have to do is to go by link, fill in the required fields below the text insertion form (or you can leave it as is):

How do I know the number of characters in a Word document or online

Then click on the button “Start checking” and wait until the procedure is completed, then look at the report in the table:

How do I know the number of characters in a Word document or online

First of all, it is worth stopping at the full-fledged exchange – But in addition to this site may offer to determine the uniqueness and other parameters.

Conventionally, a single service is divided into three parts:

  • Section SEO (determination of “tosh” and the calculation of the number of characters);
  • Section Spelling (checks for errors and possible typos);
  • Text uniqueness check.
Word statistics for

All of these sections are used in the same way. If you want to count the number of letters, characters without spaces or with them, go to the main page of the resource, which will be a special blank window to insert – here you check the uniqueness.

To start the check, you need to paste the text fragment in the appropriate field. Should:

  • to select it;
  • press the Ctrl + C key to copy it;
  • move to the still empty field to paste, using the combination Ctrl + V.

In principle, the standard procedure. Immediately after you paste your excerpt in this field, the system will calculate the number of characters and immediately see the results of their calculations in three lines;

  • total characters;
  • without spaces;
  • number of words.

It is clear that the first will be the total number of characters with spaces, the second without them, and the third draws attention only to words. There is another option – go straight to check SEO-parameters – Here everything is similar – 3 blocks and after entering the text the desired information appears.


Another famous exchange, which provides its service for checking various text parameters, is

Note immediately that on the main page you will not find anything you need. Here you will have to look for a tab with the CEO test. Then the algorithm repeats – in the field you insert a fragment, in a small block on top of the number of characters is marked.

Advego Statistics

But there will be marked with spaces, in order to know the number of printed characters without them will have to click on the check, it is located immediately under the large field. After you click on the button, the page will open with the required parameters.

The easiest online service

If you just need a counter, you can find sites on the Internet that are designed exclusively for counting – “character counting”. Such online resources do not need to install additional programs on your PC, there is no need to register and go to special pages. Such services work in real time, that is, “paste-check”.

To find them is simple – enter into any search engine “sign-reader” and click on the links suggested by Google or Yandex. Here’s a good resource.

Online character counting program

To count, you need to:

  • Highlight the text you plan to “analyze.”
  • Copy the fragment to the clipboard, you can use keyboard shortcuts to do this.
  • Open the service.
  • Paste the element to be checked.
  • Click on the calculation.
  • Read the results.

If you need to quickly find out the size of the text length, it is better to use the functions of the text editor in which you work. In this case you do not have to copy and paste anything. But if you need to find out more information about a fragment – use specialized products.

I hope my article taught you how to count the number of characters in the text of Word and online. And what method do you use? I would be very interested to hear about your experiences, leave comments and subscribe to updates to the blog.

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