How to create a new TickTock account: how many profiles you can have and how to add

Agree that in life you need to be able to present yourself from different sides. Some days you’re a good friend, some days you’re a strict boss. It’s no secret that the calling card of the man of the 21st century is not at all his manners, clothes. It’s all by the wayside. The first thing you might think of when meeting someone on the Internet is a social networking page. But what can you do if you have to position yourself from several points of view at the same time? So let’s talk about how to create a new account in TikTok.

How many accounts you can create in TickTock

Before you create plans for future pages, check how many of them you can be responsible for. Not only is it important to create an account, but it’s also important to maintain it, designing the overall visuals and gaining subscribers. I will add that many inactive accounts are subject to blocking in the app, so you will not be able to restore the data. In addition, the maximum number of pages that can be maintained simultaneously in the app is 4.


Yes, multi-accounts are limited, but registration is not at all. You can create up to 15 of your pages using different social networks, but you can’t keep them simultaneously.

Then it begs the question: what’s the point of having millions of accounts, but not to keep them? Everyone has his own reasons, but be warned: you can lose data from other social networks.

How to make more accounts without leaving the first one by 1 number

I’ll tell you right away that you can’t do such tricky manipulations. There are not only robots hidden behind TikTok, but also clever programmers who will not actually allow you to create thousands of accounts. If previously it was possible to make several pages for the same number, now it is not allowed. This is not a pest of administrators, but a simple precautionary measure, due to the frequent cases of fraud.

I’ll add that, without leaving one account at all, you can’t make a second one either. And it does not matter what you add a new: VKontakte, Google-services, mail, and so on. Before you register, you will have to log out of the account for a couple of minutes. All data will be saved.

Deleting an old account

We all learn from our mistakes, so if something didn’t work out with your joint account, you can delete it in a couple of minutes. Note that you can use your phone number, social network, or email address to register a new account in the future. If you delete it yourself, the data are not damaged in any way and are deleted on the platform at all.

So, to delete the account, log in to the account and open the settings. The “Account Management” section lists important functions, including “Security”, “Save Login and Password”, “Switch to Pro Account”, “Phone Number”, “Mail”, and “Password”. Hidden behind them is a gray button “Delete Account.


When you click on it, make sure you don’t need the account. However, TickTock has taken care of this as well: when you click the button, you’ll be warned that all your data will be erased.

What kind of inconveniences can be caused by multi-accounting in TickTock?

Before you start a new account, weigh the pros and cons. Yes, multi-accounts are quite a handy thing, but there are some disadvantages to it as well. The weight of the application will change manifold, so take care to have enough RAM on your device. This is one of the most noticeable, but not the main disadvantages of running multiple accounts.

Get ready for frequent lags in the app. Malfunctions can occur both because of the heavy weight and because the device is overloaded. In addition, all the videos published in the profile are saved in the gallery. Now imagine if there were a lot of pages. Not even one or two. In that case, you’ll either have to buy SIM cards, or constantly clean the device.

SIM cards

Another inconvenience is the confusion between accounts. Most likely, you will have, if not the same, then at least similar recommendations. Since the IP address of the profiles is no different, TikTok will show you similar people and their work. But that’s half the trouble. When it comes to publishing or, conversely, deleting, the chances of confusing the profile are very high. Imagine that a well-developed and popular account is accidentally deleted instead of the unknown page.

Typical mistakes

“To delete or not to delete, to save or not to save, or maybe to do development…” – I’m voicing the typical thoughts of a tiktoker who created an account a couple of days, hours or maybe months ago. Of course, this is everyone’s business, but let me remind you that the TikTok administration is extremely loath to remove all materials from the platform – from clips to sounds to profiles.


Therefore, if you still value the second, third or fourth page – hesitate to click on “Delete account”. Information about errors will be useful not only for newcomers, but also for “oldtimers of TickTock” who don’t understand why their profile doesn’t develop.

  1. Incomplete description or ill-conceived name. When a TT wants to promote a clip, he’ll look at the author first. Application administrators are unlikely to want to help a nonce who has no information in the database. Fill out a description and give the account a name that briefly reflects the account’s content.
  2. No visuals or themes. In order for a potential subscriber to click on the “plus sign,” he has to be interested in the profile. If one video is about the Zodiac signs, another is about challenges, and the third is about car brands, you won’t get much of an audience. Many people mistakenly think that the more topics, the more people will come. It doesn’t work that way, because the same subscribers interested in different things will soon get lost.
  3. You don’t devote enough time to your profile. Ideally, you should post 1 to 3 videos a day. This way you won’t get bogged down and start spamming, risking a shadow ban and unsubscribes. But if you lose your profile abruptly, and start disappearing for days or even weeks, don’t even start dreaming about having a huge asset and thousands of subscribers. An account that shows no signs of life is not necessary for the platform.

Basic tips for promoting an account are not limited to simple content, you must analyze trends and find hashtags. Watch out for notifications from the TickTock administration, which are the first to mention popular Challenges and Sounds. You can find notifications from the administration in the Inbox.

If you’re too lazy to dig through all the activity, filter the notifications using the section with the same name at the top of the screen. Click on “From TikTok” and check out new trends that are sure to help the account grow and the blogger achieve their goals and conquer the tops of social media.

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