How to delete a blank page or a page with text in Word

How to get rid of a blank page in Word (or with text)

The text editor Word is one of the top 10 most popular programs among Windows users. No wonder that people have so many questions on working with this software, for example, how to delete a page blank or with text in Word, in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the document. I suggest shedding light on the solution in today’s publication.

Depending on your needs – you need to remove an extra element with content (filled in) or a blank page, there are several ways, which I will now tell you about. Let’s go from the simple to the complex.

How to get rid of pages in Word

Deleting an unnecessary document.

We’re talking about a new text document that you just created, entered some text, made all the changes, copied them elsewhere, and you don’t need the file anymore.

Deletion is done simply by closing – click on the cross in the upper right corner, and in the message – “Save changes…?” click on the No button:

If you want to continue working with the element, but you intend to clear the content, then first select all using the combination Ctrl + A , then click on Del on your keyboard..

How to remove a page in Word empty

If you intend to remove an extra blank page that does not contain any important information, then you should do the following manipulations:

  • Click the left mouse button anywhere on the unnecessary sheet, so you will set the cursor (vertical blinking line);
  • Being on the “Home” tab (the upper part of the window), find the symbol with the description “Show all signs” and click on it (or use the Shift + Ctrl + 8 shortcut):
Eliminate unprintable characters in Word
  • The previously invisible line break, tab, and space characters will be displayed. It is worth removing them all from a blank page to automatically delete it. The BackSpace key will help (if you can’t find it on your keyboard, look for the left arrow button, which is usually located above Enter).
How to remove a blank page in Word (or with text)

Deleting the Word page at the end of the document

Here we will also talk about the blank element that you find when you swipe to the very bottom. There can be several such objects, but more often – a sheet of one. It not only increases the total size of the text file, but can also go to print. And in the design of important documents, term papers and dissertations – there is no need for it.

Suitable solution shown in the first method. In other words, you should place the cursor at the bottom and press the BackSpace key until the blinking vertical line goes to the end of the penultimate sheet.

Remove the last page at the end of a document

If the unnecessary sheet is located at the beginning (in the first place), then the principle is the same – remove unnecessary characters, after which the content from the next block will pull up and take the empty space.

How to delete a page with text in Word document

Consider a situation where we have to get rid of an area filled with words and sentences, pictures and other content. Two methods are available, each of which is optimal for different situations.

The second worksheet.

For example, you have a file where you intend to remove page number 2 (or it + any number of objects under it). Then proceed as follows:

  • We put the cursor at the beginning of the first line of Word;
  • Use the scroll wheel of your mouse or the side scroll bar (on the right) to scroll to the end of the Word page;
  • Press Shift on the keyboard and left-click at the end of the last line on the page you want to remove. Thus all the contents of the area will be highlighted, as evidenced by the darkening of the background (gray, black):
Selected page text

This method works in any version of Word 2010, 2003, 2007 and even in the “old” edition of 1997.

  • All you have to do is to press Del or BackSpace to delete the information you no longer need.

The N-th sheet in a long document

If you work with a big text file, containing hundreds of pages, scrolling can be very time-consuming. Therefore, the previous solution is better not to use. There is an easier way:

  • You can quickly get to the place you need by using the built-in Word search. Press Ctrl + H to bring up the window. Immediately you will be on the tab “Replace”, but you should choose another – “Go to”, and then in the field “Find” specify the desired number:
Jump to page
  • Do not close the transition window. As soon as we are moved to the desired sheet, we should write in the line “Enter the number…” the command:


  • Click the “Jump” button again and you will see that the text is highlighted:
  • Now close the dialog box by clicking the cross on the right. And we clear the highlighted content in the middle of the document with the BackSpace or Del keys.

Removing the whole cover page and the header

In versions of Word, starting from 2013, this is done extremely elementary – just replace the old “title page” with a new one. But in earlier editions of the office editor, you first have to get rid of one page and only then add another one instead.

  • Go to the “Insert” tab (second from the left, after “Home”);
  • In the “Pages” section is the button we need, clicking on it will open an additional menu;
  • Under the choice of templates you will see a link to get rid of the unnecessary sheet:
Delete the cover page in Word

This video shows how to remove a blank page in different places of the document (beginning, middle, end) in Word, how to get rid of a sheet filled with text. In all this, the structure will not be affected, the indents will remain unchanged.

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