How to delete a contact in Telegram on your phone: instructions on how to clean the list

Telegram application is popular among users for several reasons: user-friendly interface and accessibility. Even if the user does not know something, he will intuitively guess how to configure the necessary option. Let’s understand how to delete a contact in Telegram on the phone. Let’s consider whether it will be possible to restore it, from where phantom interlocutors appear in the memory of the gadget.

How to delete a contact in Telegram?

Deleting interlocutors in social networks – a common thing: with someone stopped communicating, someone changed their number. Let’s look at the order of deleting subscribers from the friend list on different devices. Telegram stands out among other applications for its simple and convenient functionality.



Algorithm for IOS cell phones:

  • Log in to the Telegram app. Open the list of chats.


  • Click on the dialog with the user you’re going to say goodbye to.
  • At the top right is the user’s avatar. Tap on the icon.


  • On the screen you will see the full information about the person: login, phone number and a list of commands that can be done to the user. Select “Edit/edit”.

  • A menu will open with the line “Delete contact” highlighted in red. Click on it.


At the end the program will specify: cancel the action or complete it. It is necessary to choose the second option.



The order of deleting the unnecessary contact on Android:

  • Open the application. Enter the main menu. Click on the line “Contacts”.
  • From the Friend List, select the user you are going to unsubscribe from. Tap on him or her.


  • A dash will appear at the top right of the screen. Click on it.


  • A window will open with a list of options you can apply to that user. Select Remove.


The user will be given one last opportunity to refuse to delete the subscriber. If you haven’t changed your mind about saying goodbye to the person you’re talking to, feel free to click the OK button.



What you need to do:

  • Log in to Telegram. Open the main menu.


  • To delete an unwanted interlocutor, click on the field that opens to the right of his name.

  • From the group of commands, select the “Delete” key.


The program will automatically suggest you to confirm or cancel the performed actions.


How to delete all contacts at once?

When you connect a Telegram account, all the numbers are synchronized and then saved in the cloud of the application. But after that, the list of interlocutors may contain a lot of unnecessary users. To edit the profile, leaving only those subscribers with whom you will continue communicating, you will have to delete unnecessary ones. The most convenient way to do this is to use Web Telegram (you can delete several subscribers or all of them at once).


What you need to do:

  • Log in to the web application.


  • Open the main menu, go to “Contacts”.


  • Highlight the contacts you want to unsubscribe from and tap the three dots in the right corner.


  • Tap the “Delete” button.


The caller will only be deleted from the messenger memory; he or she will remain in the phone book.


The procedure is almost the same. In web version of the application you can clean all contacts list at once. Go to “Contacts” and click on the usernames of the users you want to delete.


Click “Del” and confirm your action. If you change your mind and want to keep someone, click on the “Cancel” icon.



You can also get rid of unwanted subscribers in Telegram through your computer. Sign in to your account. Click on “Contacts.


Highlight the users with whom you stop communicating, and then click the “Delete” button.


What are phantom (other people’s) contacts and how do I delete them?

The appearance of phantom contacts in Telegram is not new. Every third user of the service faces such a problem: both Android and iPhone users are familiar with this misunderstanding. The fact is that the service stores a list of all contacts for any profile. They are copied from the SIM card, other accounts and messengers, so that when a new interlocutor appears, they are informed about it.

Reasons for the appearance of other people’s interlocutors:

  1. The user authorized from a friend’s gadget (now he can personally say hello to all the users from the friend’s Friend List). Or, the friend logged into his Telegram account from someone else’s device, which significantly expanded the list of phonebook numbers;
  2. Someone else’s SIM card was inserted into the gadget on which the application is installed.

The most radical way to solve the problem is to delete the profile. But experts do not advise to resort to drastic measures. What should be done:

  • IOS. It will be necessary to delete contacts from the server. To do this, you need to quickly (more than 10 times) click on the gear – the settings shortcut. In the window that opens, click on the button “Reset server contacts”.

  • Android. Enter into settings. Click the “Privacy” button. In the “Contacts” section, click on the “Delete imported contacts” shortcut. Confirm the seriousness of your intentions by clicking on “Delete”.


After these manipulations numbers of unknown subscribers will disappear from the phone without a trace.

Is it possible to restore a deleted contact

If the user has inadvertently deleted the contact, there is no need to despair. To continue communicating with a friend, you need:

  1. Enter “Settings”, click on “Contacts” and then on “Invite friends”.
  2. A complete list of friends from other messengers and phone book will open. If the desired user is present in the list, just add him or her to the Friend List.


If the subscriber has been completely removed from the phone, you must re-enter the number in international format and save it in the phone book. A significant disadvantage – it is impossible to restore the previous correspondence.

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