How to delete a photo in TickTock: ways to change the avatar in your profile

If the user is determined to promote the page, going to promote it to earn, the choice of avatars in TikTok should be approached responsibly. It is the face of the account owner, by which he will be found in the network by friends, colleagues, subscribers. Also a free promotion element, its main task is to attract the attention of other users. Let’s look at how to delete a photo in TikTok, whether you can do the operation yourself.

How to change an avora in TickTock?

A well-chosen bright colorful picture contributes to increasing the number of subscribers. Therefore, every user who is struggling to increase viewership should know how to display an avatar. Instructions on how to change the main profile photo:

Log in to the app. Click on the icon with the letter “I” located in the lower right corner.


To get to the settings, select the “Change Profile” button.


Two windows will appear. Choose the one under which it says “Change photo”.


Click on the circle – a small menu will pop up. Select “Select from Gallery”.


If access to the camera has been restricted before, click on “Allow”.

The photo gallery opens, and you choose the desired frame. It is recommended that the image was clear, not blurred, do not violate the rules of the service. You can use personal photo or an interesting picture from the Internet.


Click on the “Save” button.


If you don’t click on “Save” you will have to reset the avatar. The change of a photo does not happen immediately. To see the result, you need to wait a while or reload your profile.

In the future to change the photo, just click on the picture and a small round icon with a pencil will pop up. By clicking on it, choose from the gallery any photo that fits the situation or mood.

How do I delete my picture?

Deleting your avatar on the TicToc platform is not provided by the developers. To return the standard icon of the mobile application, you will have to cancel your account, and then re-register on the network.

But in this case, the administration has the right to block the page or issue a warning about the forced closure of the profile in the form of a notice. However, the owner of the account can change the photo in the avatar unlimited number of times.

Why does TicToc delete the profile picture itself?

If the user has violated the rules for using the application, the administration can delete the profile photo. Thus, the developers warn that if the account owner does not change the manner of behavior, the page will be blocked.

The reason for removing the avatar may be appeals from other users of the application to the administration about non-compliance with the requirements and criteria, complaints about clear and formal violations. The list of reasons for which the management makes the change of the profile photo to the standard TicToc icon:

  • A video or image showing discrimination and violence;
  • Taking a picture of another user (creating a fake profile);
  • publication of s for a web resource that provides questionable services or products;
  • distribution of virus files;
  • advertising of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • obscene language, erotic pictures.

You can read the information about what images the page owner can use for the profile in the “Information” tab located in the “Privacy Policy” section. In the section of copyright and community rules for users there is all the regulatory framework.

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