How to delete a Telegram account: ways to deactivate your profile forever

Telegram is a popular messenger developed by Durov, which is used by many people. To use the network, you need to register a separate profile, which then, for various reasons, may be unnecessary. There are several ways to delete a Telegram account on your own. To choose the appropriate one, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the nuances of each in advance.

How to delete a Telegram account permanently?

Telegram is considered quite secure, more so than other social networks. Pavel Durov came up with the idea of creating a messenger after the American media said that the Russian government could gain access to the correspondence of residents after a standard request.

How to permanently delete your Telegram account, step-by-step instructions

If the phone number is changed or the account turns out to be unnecessary, it can be deleted. The procedure is not complicated, but it depends on the device on which the messenger is installed.

From the phone

You can delete a page from your phone. To deactivate the account, you only need to perform a few actions in sequence:


  • a message with deactivation code will be received;
  • insert the received combination.


Then you must specify the reason for deleting the profile and press “Done”. The last step is to confirm the deactivation of the account.


From a computer

Deleting a user account from a personal computer does not take much time. The general points are:


  • A three-line menu will appear on the screen, where the second option must be selected.


You will also need to specify the reason for deactivating the profile and activate the “Done” button. After that the account will be completely deleted.

Attention! The link for deletion is specified on the official site of the Telegram network. The information is publicly available.

Temporary account deactivation

There are no buttons in Russian for deactivation of the Telegram account. At the same time, the official site indicates that it is not possible to delete the account temporarily. If you delete the profile, and confirm the operation twice, all correspondence, settings and data will be erased.

Attention! If the reason is just a large number of notifications, you can deactivate the sound of the application or messages from the messenger (in each correspondence separately).

Can I restore a deleted profile?

Enhanced protection of the social network does not allow you to temporarily block a user, which means that you cannot restore a profile. Your messages, information and subscriptions cannot be restored after deactivation.


Attention! If someone deletes the profile, the message “Deleted account Telegram” appears instead of the nickname. Sometimes this happens if the user hasn’t used the account for a long time.

Self-destruct feature

In the settings of the messenger, the function of automatically deactivating the user’s page is available. The method is suitable if you want to protect the account from use (if the phone or device is stolen, for example). You can choose a period of one month to one year.


How to delete Telegram

The application has been running since 2013. You can install it on a variety of devices – phones of any platform, tablets, laptop or computer. It is not difficult to uninstall the program, just follow a few steps.

From a smartphone

Messenger Telegram can be installed on the phone platform Android or iPhone. Instructions for uninstalling the application:

  • open the settings, select “Third-party” or “All”;


  • In the list that appears, find Telegram;
  • window will open, where you need to select the “Delete” icon.


For iPhone, it is enough to press the application icon. X’s will appear on the icons, press and confirm deactivation.


The application can be installed on any computer with Internet access. General steps of action:

  • open the “Control Panel”;


  • then select “Programs and components”;


  • A list of programs available for deactivation will open, where you should find the application of interest;
  • Press the right button of the mouse, choose “Delete”.


Attention! Uninstalling an application on any or all available devices does not affect the account in any way. To deactivate the profile, you will need other actions and instructions.

The Telegram app is used by thousands of people. For a variety of reasons, you may need to uninstall the program. Installing and uninstalling the messenger does not require special knowledge or skills. After deactivating the profile, it will be impossible to use Telegram in the standard mode. To resume work, you will have to create a new account and go through the registration procedure.

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