How to delete your Play Store account: how to unlink it and step-by-step instructions

When you first turn on your Android-based smartphone, the device asks the owner to authorize in his Google account or create a new profile. It is then used to access the services of the American company, including Play Market, and stores user data from passwords to a list of visited sites in the browser. If you plan to give your phone to someone else, it’s important to understand how to remove your Play Store account.

What happens if you delete your Google Play account

By deleting your Google account, you erase information from your phone about installed apps, visited sites, and autocomplete forms. There is also an automatic logout of all Google applications, because Play Market is one of the many projects of the American company.


It is important to distinguish between a full account deletion and a smartphone-only deletion. In the first case, you completely erase the user data without the possibility of recovery. The second option means that the phone simply “forgets” your profile, but you can restore games and other data at any time by simply logging in.

Ways to delete

There are several ways to delete your account. Some of them lead to the complete elimination of the profile, and some allow you to save the account for further authorization on a new device. When reviewing the available options, we will make a note of the consequences of performing the operation in one or another scenario. So be careful, and choose the method that suits your situation.


Through settings

This is the standard option to log out of your Play Store profile, allowing you to leave your account intact, but at the same time making your smartphone forget about the previously used profile. To log out, you will need to:

  • Open settings on your Android.
  • Go to “Accounts”.


  • Select the Google profile.
  • Press the three dots button.
  • Select the option “Delete account” and confirm your intentions.

After deletion, there will be an automatic exit from all applications of the American company, which are used on your mobile device. In addition, the smartphone will require either to create a new account or to reauthorize. Otherwise, it will be impossible to access games and programs from Play Market.

Google Menu

And this exit method will completely delete your account not only from your phone, but also from Google’s servers. That is, in the future you will not be able to use your account on this or any other device. So you need to think carefully about whether it’s worth getting rid of your profile completely, or if it’s better to just leave your account.

If you do decide to completely delete your account, follow the instructions, taking into account all possible consequences:

  • Launch Play Market.


  • Tap on your account icon.


  • Click the “Manage Account” button.


  • In the “Data and personalization” tab, click on “Delete account”.
  • Confirm the deletion.


Google will repeatedly warn you about the consequences of completely getting rid of your account. You, on the other hand, should act strictly according to the instructions and stay on track until the very last step. Otherwise, not only will you keep your profile, but you won’t get out of it.

As a side note. Although this option implies the complete deletion of the KM, for a short period of time (14 days) it can be restored. After that time, your profile will be deleted from Google’s servers.

Changing your password

You can also leave your profile simply by changing your password. However, you will have to change the login details not on your smartphone, but on another device. Then, when you try to open Play Market or any other application developed by Google, the system will ask you to enter the access code again, and no unauthorized person will be able to use it.

The password is changed through the account settings, which are available on the Google website and in other applications of the company. Once you open the start section, follow a few simple steps:

  • Under the Security tab, tap on “Password.”
  • Click “Next” and then “Change Password.”
  • Make up your new login information and confirm the action.


Now, if you try to use the Play Store on your smartphone, the device will ask you to confirm your login with your password. That is, there will be an exit from the account, and everyone who picks up the device will need to sign in again.

Factory Reset

If you want to delete your Play Store profile to give your smartphone to someone else, there’s nothing like resetting your device to factory settings. In this case, not only your Google account is deleted, but also any user files. It is important to note, however, that you will still be able to log in under the same profile, knowing the username and password.

Tip. In order not to lose your personal files, transfer them to another device or make a backup copy in advance.

There are many different ways to roll back your settings. We will consider only the basic variant of resetting, which involves the smartphone interface:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to the “Restore and reset” section.
  • Select the item “Reset settings”.
  • Confirm the operation.

If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will reboot and greet you with a prompt to sign in to your Google account. Of course, the password will not be saved here, so only you will be able to log in.

Deleting a user account with Root rights

Another way to unlink the profile can owners of rooted devices. These are those smartphones that have previously been granted root access. Root allows access to system folders where account data is stored. Consequently, on a rooted gadget, you can delete the cherished file, and the account will disappear immediately.


If you have not previously received root rights, you should not use this option to unroot your profile. After all, opening root access entails a bunch of different consequences, including removing the device from the warranty, as well as blocking transactions in banking applications. If you have previously rooted the device, simply delete the accounts.db file, located in the data/system directory. There is no need to do anything else. After deleting the files, you will be logged out of all applications where the Google account was used.

How to make sure that the account is successfully deleted from Play Store

Answering this question, you need to start from what happens after deleting the account. That is, a clear indication of successful deletion will be the appearance of the authorization window when you start Play Market. This means that no account is used in the application, and you will need to make a new account or log in with an existing profile to continue.


It is also important to check that after entering the login, the system does not automatically substitute a password. Usually the autofill form data is erased after you log out, but a lot will depend on the user’s smartphone settings. If you notice a password autofill that allows you to authenticate, then the logout was not performed correctly. Try repeating the operation using one of the alternatives.

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