How to deselect text in Word 2010

How to select and unselect text in MS Word

Hello, my regular readers and those who visit the blog “IT Technician” for the first time. Many users face a problem when they need to copy the contents of a web page and paste it into a Word document, but not everyone knows how to remove the highlighting of text in Word 2010 (and other versions). I will now share the solution.

Why do I need a background?

Once I got a “Word” file, when I opened it I almost went blind. Among the mass of text some sentences were highlighted in light green. The author of this document apparently wanted to highlight the main points in this way, as is usually done in marker pen on paper. But the effect was simply disastrous. It was hard to read “such a thing”. If you’ve decided to highlight the important details, you should choose softer and less intrusive shades. I will tell you about that a little later.

Sometimes the background design is attached to the text when copying from Internet resources (for example, when you want to save in a file a recipe for cooking or instructions for repairing something). In this case, it is better to remove unnecessary elements in order to format the document nicely.

How to remove color selection of text in Word?

Depending on what is highlighted, different methods will be considered.

Cleaning the page

Produced as follows:

  1. Starting with Word 2007 and up to 2010 inclusive, you should select the “Layout” element at the top of the editor. And for later versions, you need to go to the “Design”.
  2. New control components will appear under the menu. Among them find and press the button “Page Color”.
  3. Should appear a palette of colors, under which there is the inscription: “No color”. Here it is to click on it:
Three steps to remove the background of a page

That’s it. Let’s move on!


Cleaning up text content

Sometimes it happens that not all of the content is highlighted, but only some of it. In this case, here is the solution for Word 2013 (also valid for other program releases):

  1. Click the left mouse button at the beginning of the desired sentence and mark the whole fragment;
  2. In the top menu select the item “Home”;
  3. Now you need to find the button, which has a bucket (fill) and click on it;
  4. Should appear a palette of colors, under which the inscription: “No color”. Click!
  5. Another option is to use “Marker” (see screenshot). It allows you both to mark certain words, phrases or even the whole text in color and to deselect it.
Five steps to remove the background of a fragment

Cleaning the table

I often have to remove gray highlighting in tables, which can mess up the formatting. The cases are different: sometimes the entire structure is marked, and sometimes – only some cells. How to remove the color of text highlighting in Word? The question is solved with three simple steps:

  1. Use your mouse to grab all the “defective” cells in the table. If they are in different places, you should hold down the CTRL key.
  2. When you are done, you should see a small window with options. If it is not displayed (which also happens), then just click on one of the selected elements with the right mouse button.
  3. And again we’re going to manipulate with the “bucket”. Select this tool, and, as in the previous instructions, specify “No color”.
Highlighting a table in Word
Instructions for removing the colored table background in Word

Clear Formatting.

One of my favorite tools. If you need to “pull” a piece of information from the Internet, but the formatting (background, pictures, headings) is copied along with it, then use the “magic eraser”.

It is located on the tab “Home”. After you have selected the desired fragment, press the button and enjoy the result! Here’s a visual aid:

Instructions for clearing text formatting in Word

For Word 2003, only the interface will be different, but the elements and their purpose are the same. I think there is no need to explain and show everything on your fingers. You can intuitively (or by gut feeling) get the results you need.

Regards, Victor

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