How to disable paid services on MTS

Disabling Paid Services in MTS: All Possible Ways

The other day I was faced with an unpleasant situation – from the balance of MTS began to withdraw money. As it turned out, I was the “happy” owner of a paid subscription. Naturally, the need to cancel it arose, and I began to look for information. In today’s article I would like to tell you how to disable paid services on MTS, and whether you can check their availability.

What is connected?

Each mobile operator has a list of certain paid options. Some of them may be connected by default, and some of them the subscriber subscribes to himself, without understanding the terms of their provision. By the way, these applications have not a very low subscription fee, most often it is charged every day. Users in such cases are also divided into categories: those who keep paying for something, thinking it’s for calls, and those who find out the reason for the charges and rush to change the operator. In fact, if you were previously happy with the charges and the rate plan, you should just know the ways to check for additional toll connections. There are several:

  • Find out with the help of a hotline operator. To do this, you just need to dial 0890 and press the call button. You can personally visit the nearest salon of the company and consult the employees of the service. In this case, you will need a passport.
  • An option that you can check on your own is to send a message to 8111. If you want to find out the full list of services with payment, send 1 to SMS, if you want to know the free connected options – enter 0. In order to find out the full information about the services used, you need to send an empty message to the specified number.
  • A simple combination dialed from your phone *152*2# and the call key will also help.
  • The official site of the operator can also help in this case. Go to personal cabinet and choose the section with the Internet-helper, which you can find in a few steps: section “Services and services”, then the tab “Management”. You will see the applications connected on your phone.

Using possibilities of personal cabinet

The operator has created all conditions for convenience of clients. It is more convenient and fast to disable unnecessary functions through the “Personal office”. In it you need to select the tab “Management of services”. It is in this section a complete list of parameters connected on the number. It’s worth mentioning that there is a special mobile assistant – voice portal, which can be called by the short combination 111.

MTS Personal Cabinet

Some options stand by default and are provided without payment. For example, “Mobile Internet” – if you disable it, you will not be able to access the Internet from your mobile device or other gadget. In addition, the function of receiving and sending multimedia messages will be immediately disabled. The list also contains additional services that the subscriber connects himself. Just they mostly come with a monthly fee.

The list also has columns with the date of connection and the price per month. These parameters can help you find out if something is connected, what it’s charged for, and when it was activated. Each subscription has a description, so you know if you need it or if you can just turn it off. To do this, you need to click on the red cross and successively get rid of everything unnecessary.

Click to remove the paid MTS services

After these actions money deductions stop. If you have already entered the virtual assistant, look through the sections on Packages and Service Packages. Perhaps your SIM card has a package plan with a fixed monthly fee. You can clear your list of favorite numbers right away.

If money is constantly charged off, do an itemization. Maybe you personally connected something, but you no longer remember. After looking through the details, you’ll understand where the money goes. Then you can either deactivate what is not being used, or pick up a more favorable TP. All this also can be done in your account.

Disabling by USSD requests

Almost all paid functions on MTS are disabled by one command. But for this too it will be necessary to first find out what exactly is connected. After receiving the list, you should go to the company’s website and find the description of the service, which specifies the commands for disconnection. If it was not possible to go to the resource, one could dial *152*2#. A notification came with the requested list. Unfortunately, this option is no longer available, but you can use the commands I listed earlier.

Help from the operator

Using the Internet to perform the necessary actions is much easier, but if you do not have access to the network, use the help of service specialists. To do this you dial 0890 or 8-800-250-08-90 and tell the operator about the problem, he will help you disable what you want. You will be able to get information and deactivate options only after giving your full name and passport details. If it is not possible to disable a function in this way, the specialist will tell you about other possible options.

MTS Operators

Perhaps every user of this connection knows the application “Gudok”. This service allows you to put any melody on the buzzer, so that if someone calls you, he will hear the selected song.

The cost of the function is about fifty rubles, and it is connected for a month. Then you have to pay again to hear your favorite track, otherwise the operator sets another one instead of your melody at his discretion, so that the ringtone is still turned off. There are several ways to get rid of this option:

  • A numeric combination *111*29#. You dial the command and press the dial-up key.
  • On the site of the provider of communication services –, there you go to the LRC and disable it.
  • With the help of the application “MTS Service”.

Territory of MTS

Crimea is officially part of the Russian Federation, but there are still problems with mobile communications. Only one Russian provider – MTS Russia – works on the peninsula. In Crimea, it is possible to use the available tariffs, but there is no detailed information on the website of the operator. It is possible to connect yourself “Super MTS. The numbers refer to Krasnodar Krai, the nearest region. This tariff is provided without a subscription fee, and the customer is given free minutes daily to spend on calls to the operator’s local subscribers.

For those who do not call very often, this is an ideal option, practically free. If you want, you can use the option to call from the Crimea 100 minutes to MTS Russia. The daily fee will be 1.5 rubles. If you have any questions, it is better to call immediately to the support service, where they will help to understand and voice the amount for the connected package and functions.

How to disconnect other services

This provider often provides special features, which for a certain period of time are free, but, for example, after a week begins to write off money. These include “Weather forecast” from MTS. Each month you will have to pay fifty rubles for it. To disable it, you can go to the LOC and find this option in the list, and then disable it. There is a simpler option – dial *111*4751# and call. You should receive a notification of deactivation. Another option is deactivation via SMS. Send digit 2 to the number 4741. The message will be sent for free if you are not in roaming. Abroad, you will be charged according to the TP.

I would like to point out a few other combinations that will help you get rid of other common paid connections:

  • “You have been called” application – deactivation by the code *111*38#;
  • deletion of the newsletter – by *111*1212*2#;
  • Minibit” can be deactivated by dialing *111*62#, then you must press 1;
  • paid option of incoming call detection – 21130 and call;
  • Deactivation of free calls to MTS Russia 100 – *111*868#;
  • The function “Everywhere as at home” which allows to make long distance calls for only three rubles – 21500;
  • It’s easy to cancel your favorite number with a digital request 21410.

Naturally, these are not all the services MTS can offer. A more extensive list is available on the company’s website. Subscribers are also serviced by a special customer service department, which you can call to find out everything you need to know. One piece of advice – in order not to pay extra money, regularly check everything that you may have connected, so you will save both finances and nerves.

I hope that I clearly explained how to disconnect paid services in MTS, and if necessary, you can easily do it. If something is unclear, leave your questions in the comments. And you often find paid subscriptions?

Regards, Victor!

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