How to disconnect paid services on MegaFon – all ways

How to disconnect paid services on Megafon

Hello. Cellular operator Megafon, as well as other providers of communication services, offers its subscribers a huge number of all kinds of paid options. Most of them are actually very useful, but there are some that the customer does not need at all or have been connected without his knowledge. In this article I want to tell you how to disable paid services on Megaphone.

What are they?

How to disconnect paid services on MegafonSome functions are connected in just one click, when a subscriber enters any site. Also at him on the screen of phone a window may appear with the button OK, when you click on which subscription is connected automatically. If you disable them in time, you can save a lot of money. At the same time, the savings are often quite tangible, because the operator has subscriptions that cost more than 300 rubles per month.

It’s much easier to notice such charges, but harder if you have a subscription with a subscription fee of about 5 rubles per day. Many users simply rarely check their balance, and don’t control their spending. Unnecessary services can be disconnected independently in several ways, the user chooses according to his desire and capabilities.

Special requests and disconnection via SMS

Megafon has long been on the mobile market, of course, during this time a large range of options has been developed. Some eventually become archived, but the list is regularly updated with new developments, so it is difficult to disable all paid services with one command, it is simply not provided. So first you will need to determine which one has been issued.

In the past, a USSD request was used. *505#.

Today another combination is relevant – *105# and the dial-up key.

In response to the request, you will receive a notification of all connected paid options and the combination for disconnecting them.

There are also those from which you can only unsubscribe through the moi_podpiski service.

Here are some commands to deactivate the most popular subscriptions:


  • Replace the beeper – *770*12#;
  • Kaleidoscope – *808*0#;
  • Call yours (for subscribers of TP Warm Reception) – *105*1132*0#;
  • SuperAON – *502*4#;
  • Be like home (for travelling within Russia) – *570#;
  • Crimea – *105*1037*2#;
  • Who called (the most popular service) – *581*1#;

It is possible to disconnect unnecessary things through SMS, which is sent to a special number. The principle is simple: send to 5051 INFO text (or INFO), after which you receive a reply about what is activated and the options for disconnection. This must be done from your phone.

Using the Internet to disconnect paid services of Megafon

The most convenient and functional disconnection option is through My Account. To do this you need to go to the operator’s site and get authorized, before you have to insert your SIM card into your phone to get a password.

Authorization in the Personal Cabinet of Megafon

You can manage your tariff plan parameters, activate and deactivate options, control your traffic and account, order details and much more with the help of the LK. You will find all the subscriptions for paid and free in the section “Services”. You can disable options through the Internet if your sim card is used on a modem. Unnecessary subscriptions are often connected to such tariffs.

The Service Guide menu can also help. It is easy to invoke it with a single command – *105#. A window will pop up on the screen with sections.

You can also download a special mobile application to your gadget. It’s easy to do this through the company’s website.

For registration you use telephone number (login), for password you should send SMS with text 41 to 000105. After the authorization you go to the tab of service management, where you can add and delete them by ticking.

Customer support service

If you can’t do anything yourself, you can call an operator at the call center. To do this you dial 0500, then press 9 и 0, so you can immediately reach the consultant. This method has a small disadvantage – the employee’s answer most often have to wait, it all depends on the workload of the service. Be ready to tell the specialist your full name and passport data or a code word, and only after this they will be able to help you. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, so you can call at any time, the call is free.

Another option is to visit a MegaFon salon or office. Even in a dealer’s salon they will help you and can disconnect paid services through a special working program. Take your passport with you, the SIM card must be registered in your name.

Megafon representative office

How to protect yourself?

In order to avoid possible problems, you can immediately put a ban on subscriptions. To do this is quite simple. You type the text in the message:


necessarily in the letters of the Russian alphabet without spaces, and send it to the number 5151 (how to deactivate a subscription on MegaFon). In response, you will receive a notification that the subscriptions are blocked for 3 months. At the end of this period the procedure will need to be repeated. It is best to periodically check the list of your subscriptions and control your expenses. You can go to a salon and ask a consultant to connect “Ban on entertainment services”; you do not need to pay for the connection, there is no subscription fee either.

I hope that my article has helped you, and now you know how to disconnect paid services on Megafon and you can easily cope with it. There are several options, choose the most convenient for you. It is better to spend a little time than to lose your hard earned money. Have you encountered such problems? Subscribe to update the blog, and you will be the first to know the most interesting things.

Regards, Victor!

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