How to do a Hard Reset on Android – two easy ways

What is Hard Reset on Android and what does it do?

“Thanks” to an excessive number of installed programs Your mobile gadget began to slow down, restart on its own, or maybe – dialing the number of your ex/ex? Do not worry, there is a way out. Let us tell you how to do a Hard Reset on Android (also known as a “hard hard hardware reset”), which is needed when there are defects in the work of gadgets with Android OS.

The crux of the procedure

Hard Reset is a special kind of reset, during which all user content is removed from the mobile device (tablet/smartphone): software, contact information and SMS messages, and the device goes back to its default settings (factory defaults). It is worth noting that the memory card files will not be affected. Therefore, if the vast majority of important data is stored specifically on the internal drive, you should save it in advance in another place (on a microSD card, for example).

Despite all the disadvantages and inconveniences, this method of resetting helps to eliminate various problems, and returns the mobile device to its “pristine” state.

There are several variants of Hard Reset how to do on Android. So, let’s go!

Method #1

  • Go to settings and select “Backup and reset”.
  • There we also select “Reset settings”.
  • In the window that appears you can read a warning that everything in the internal memory will be deleted from the device.
  • Agree and click “Reset Settings”.
hard reset on android

Method № 2

This time we will “reset” the settings using Google services. To do this we need a stable Internet connection on the smartphone and PC. This method assumes that the user has a Google account. If you don’t have one, register quickly and create one.

  • In the settings of your gadget, find the tab “Security” and click on it.
  • Scroll down the list and find the “Device Administrators” item.
  • Tap on it, and check the box next to “Remote Control”.
  • Go to Google Play from your PC, and click on the gear button in the upper right corner. From the list that appears, select the item “Android Remote Control”.
  • You will see a picture: the name of the device and the confirmation that it is online. Press the “Clear” button.

That’s it! The device will reboot and reset all settings to factory defaults, and Google will keep the date of the last reset!

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