How to download the original audio track on Instagram: 6 ways and is it legal

Instagram is considered to be a social network focused exclusively on content in the form of photos. However, over time, it became possible to add video to the posts in Instagram, and now – to create riels (reels). When creating short reels, users eagerly add music, which many of you probably want to download to your device. Here’s how to download the original audio track from an Instagram video, and how legal it is.

Ownership of this or that creative product is regulated by copyright law. If we’re talking about music, Instagram makes royalties to the creators of tracks added to the phono library. Therefore, it is limited for users to download videos, photos and music from this social network.


Of course, there are plenty of workarounds, which will be discussed below. But Instagram itself deliberately restricts its functionality, guided, among other things, by Article 146 of the Criminal Code and 7.12 of the CAO RF. However, there is one catch. The law regulates the use of copyrighted content for personal purposes (for example, when creating your own videos with superimposed music), but says nothing about downloading the audio track from a video.

Anyway, the copyright law can be interpreted in different ways. A person who downloaded audio from Instagram could be prosecuted for piracy if they wanted to. But it is also worth thinking about how many people use the services we are going to talk about, and whether it is physically possible to bring each of them to administrative or criminal responsibility.


Online services for downloading an audio track on Instagram

Perhaps the easiest way to download music and any other audio content from Instagram is to turn to special online services. As an example, let’s consider two of the most popular resources.

This is probably the most popular service for those who download videos from YouTube, Instagram and other social networks. It also provides an opportunity to download an audio track for which you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Copy the link to the video.
  2. Open the service website.
  3. Insert the link in the SaveFrom address bar and press the button with a green arrow.
  4. Then you will be offered to download content in any format you are interested in. In the case of audio you need to choose “MP3”. Just click the download button opposite the corresponding icon.

Then it will start downloading the content to your device, whether it is a computer or a smartphone. You can run the file with any audio player you can find in the public domain.


Instagram Videos Downloader Online

This service is aimed exclusively at working with content from Instagram. But it also has a converter that allows you to convert video to audio. To download music, you will need to act according to similar instructions to SaveFrom. If we talk about specific steps, the user needs:

  1. Open the site of the service.
  2. Select the content type of interest (storis, rils or video).
  3. Insert the link to the video in a special field.
  4. Press “View” button and then – upload button.
  5. Select the preferred file format (MP3).

The script for further interaction with the audio track falls on your shoulders. Do whatever you want with an MP3 file, but don’t forget about copyrights.


Browser extensions

If you are sitting in Instagram through your computer’s web browser, the best option for downloading audio content is to install a special extension. These are special add-ons for browsers, which can be found in the store of the corresponding product. To download audio from Instagram, most of the same kind of extensions will do:

  • Youtube Downloader;
  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express;
  • Video DownloadHelper;
  • VK Saver;
  • Instagram Downloader;
  • Media Download Helper.

The extensions work in different ways. Some of them embed a download button in the Instagram interface. Consequently, to download, the user needs to click the button and select the MP3 format of the file.


Other extensions are not embedded in the interface of the social network, but in the browser interface. Thus, after installing Video DownloadHelper you will see the add-on icon next to the search bar of the web browser. To download content, you will need to start the video playback, then click on the service icon and select your preferred file format.

Programs for downloading audio

It is possible that you will feel more comfortable downloading audio with the help of special programs. The disadvantage of this method is that you will have to install additional software on your computer. If you do not consider this fact a problem, then use one of the following applications:

  • MP3 Studio Downloader;
  • aTube Catcher;
  • 4K Video Downloader;
  • Ummy Video Downloader.


They work on the same principle as the online services discussed earlier. But the software has a faster download speed, which can be important. So, to download you will need:

  • Install and run the program you like.


  • Insert the link in the download window.
  • Press the download button.

Note that some programs like 4K Video Downloader allow you to choose the format of the downloaded content (for example, MP3). But applications like MP3 Studio Downloader focus exclusively on downloading the audio track.

Important. Many programs are paid, so you’ll be able to download audio either after making a subscription, or with restrictions on the duration or quality.

Recording audio

This is far from the most rational option, but it is often the first one that comes to mind when you need to get audio from Instagram. Sure, you can open the recorder on your smartphone and hold it up to your computer’s speakers after turning on the video. But a more preferable option would be to use sound recording software for the PC. For example:

  • UV SoundRecorder;
  • Sonarca Sound Recorder Free;
  • Kat MP3 Recorder.


It is very easy to work with such programs. You will need:

  1. Open the page in your browser where the video is located.
  2. Launch the program.
  3. Select the sound source (we want “System”).
  4. Press the “Recordings” button.
  5. Start the video playback.

The main inconvenience when recording audio is that you will have to trim the audio track manually. Also, not all programs allow you to select the sounds of the system as an audio source.

Telegram Bots

Users of the Telegram messenger have heard about the existence of bots, which can perform a variety of tasks. In particular, there are those that pull audio from Instagram. These include Gozilla Downloader and SaveAsBot. If you already have a Telegram account, use the instructions:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • Use the search box to find the bot of interest.
  • In the chat window, click the “Chat” button.
  • Insert the link to the video.
  • Select the format of the content to download.


Bots can function in different ways, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with their features in the chat window. Do not neglect such an option, as the download process will differ from bot to bot.


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