How to earn on push with PushProfit

Earnings on Push-Profits with the PushProfit service

If you are a website owner and you use the push notification subscription service (Sendpulse, for example), then you will be interested in how to make money with Push.

How to earn on pushprofit

Using PushProfit.

While this topic is gaining momentum, and the competition is low. The most popular resource that helps to earn income in this way is

What do you need in order to start earning? You need to have a base of push subscribers, which you have collected on your site. The more of them, the better in terms of profit.

For example, already has a DB with more than 75 thousand recipients. That is, if you register for Pushprofit, agree to the terms of participation and provide their base for the daily advertising mailings, you can earn about a thousand rubles a day.

The scheme is as follows:

  • Visitors to your web pages see offers to sign up for notifications. If they opt in, they are automatically added to a database that grows daily with new members:
Gathering push subscribers
  • Sign up at and add your database to your preferences, specifying the topics you would like to work with;
  • Your subscribers will receive push notifications once a day:
Sending push through pushprofit
  • For each transition (click on the link) you will be charged money (about 10 rubles – depending on the type of ads):
Earn money from clicks on pushprofit newsletters

Answers to frequently asked questions

How much can I earn?

Naming an exact figure is very difficult – it depends on the quality of your resource, the activity of the audience, the chosen theme. On average, with a base of a thousand subscribers you can get about a hundred rubles daily.

What are the benefits of using Pushprofit?

The specialists at the service analyze the interests of subscribers and choose mailings individually to get the highest percentage of conversions. According to studies, the income increases by at least 4 times compared to the situation when you yourself send push to your audience.

I’ve been using this option to make money for about a month now. Of course, not always the visitors perceive it positively, because they have subscribed to one subject, and they start receiving materials of another direction. But the income I get more than compensates for these disadvantages.

I hope you found this article about making money on push notifications with PushProfit useful.

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