How to easily withdraw money from Sberbank ATMs without a card and phone

Improvements in information technology has allowed Sberbank to eliminate the use of bank cards when withdrawing cash. However, this feature has a number of limitations, including the amount a person can expect to withdraw. There are several ways to withdraw money from a Sberbank ATM without a card or phone. But in some situations, a passport will be required.

Why “Sberbank” allows to withdraw money without a card and phone

Modern technology allows for different identification of bank customers. That is, now to withdraw cash does not always require a pin code or a passport of a person. But without these familiar “tools” the clients’ money remains safe.


The main reason why Sberbank allows withdrawals in this way is the identification of the person on the basis of biometric data. The bank is actively developing this technology, which allows a person’s identity to be determined with a high degree of accuracy.

The second reason is that access to a personal account is also gained through a linked mobile number. But to withdraw cash in this case, you will need a phone.

We tell you how to withdraw money from an ATM without a card

It is possible to withdraw funds without a card, provided that the mobile application “Sberbank.Online” is installed. To do this, you need to:

  1. Go to the “Cash withdrawal without a card” section in the app.
  2. Specify the amount and enter the pin code.
  3. Activate the “Scan” button.
  4. Select the “Transactions without a card” item on the ATM.
  5. Scan the QR code with your smartphone.

How to withdraw money at a Sberbank ATM without a card and a telephone

Also, some ATMs have started to support customer identification by face. Such devices don’t even require a phone. But withdrawals by this method can be made by customers who have previously provided their own biometric data to the bank.

Other ways

It should be noted that the money on the card, in fact, are stored in a personal account. You can access the latter in different ways, including by visiting a Sberbank branch.

Using a smartphone

Smartphones with an NFC chip allow you to withdraw money without a bank card. To do this, you need to put the phone to the appropriate reader, enter a code and the amount to be received.


With the help of transfer

To withdraw cash from an ATM by transfer, you will also need access to the app. In this case, you will need to:

  • Open the “Payments” section of the app.
  • Select “To other person” first, then “To any person”.


  • Click on “Create transfer” and type in the name of the recipient of the payment (you can specify the phone number).

scale_1200 (1)

  • Enter the number of the cell phone and bank card.

scale_1200 (2)

  • Send money.
  • At an ATM, open the “Receiving a cash transfer” section.

After these manipulations a secret code will come to the specified phone number, which should be entered in the appropriate field on the screen of the ATM. Here you also need to specify the date of birth of the person who sent the money.

A similar operation can be carried out if there is no access to the mobile application. In this case it is enough to call the person who can enter the application and send money.

At the branch with a passport

If necessary, the money from the plastic can be withdrawn through the cashier of any branch. In this case, you do not need to submit additional documents or have access to a mobile app or a smartphone.


Limits and commissions

You may withdraw funds in the amount not exceeding 50,000 rubles per day using the above methods. It is allowed to transfer up to one million rubles from one plastic card to another. A fee of 1.5% of the indicated amount (not less than 30 rubles and not more than 1,000 rubles per transaction) is charged for withdrawal from an ATM. Several such transactions can be made per day. But the total amount should not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

bik-kbe-kaspi-bankaIt should be noted that these limits also depend on the company that issued the card (VISA or MasterCard). These payment systems impose their own restrictions on cash transactions. Therefore, if you are planning to withdraw a large sum, it is recommended to clarify the actual limits with the bank.

When it is impossible to withdraw money

It is impossible to withdraw cash by the aforementioned methods, if

  • the validity period of the plastic card has expired;
  • the card is blocked;
  • Bank security service considered questionable the operation.

In each of these cases withdrawal can be made through a teller at the bank branch. There are also other options when withdrawing money without a card is impossible. In particular, this occurs when an account is seized.

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