How to edit the description in TicToc: can you change interests, hashtags and other information

Users involved in promoting an account in social networks know that, first of all, you should start with the appearance of the profile. Competently composed description will give subscribers additional information about the owner of the page, also there you can place the text, indicating the data on the placement of advertising. Let’s find out how to edit the description in TickTock.

How to create an interesting description for your TickTock

Beginning bloggers do not pay enough attention to the description of the account. Therefore, the page looks incoherent, does not attract the attention of other users of the network.

To correctly fill out the profile and interest subscribers, you need to listen to the recommendations of professionals:

  1. Photo (avatar). Choose an informative photo that corresponds to the theme of the profile. It can be a brand name or a photo of the account owner. Basic requirements: the photo must be symmetrical, without fine details and colors.
  2. Nickname. It should contain as much information as possible, since the name is indexed in search.
  3. Profile description. Specify a funny and funny status or a funny phrase. Smileys can add a positive touch to the page. It’s also desirable to fill out the “bio” section. To stand out from the crowd, it’s better to write inscriptions in a beautiful font.

Also insert links to other social networks (Instagram, YouTube) into the profile. Now users will be able to go to the pages to subscribe to the author there as well.

How to change the description?

Many people believe that the description of the profile in TikTok does not play a decisive role in promotion. The main thing is to surprise network users with creative videos more often. That’s why, when registering, they don’t think much about the quality of the account. This opinion is erroneous, the more information – the higher the level of trust of subscribers.


In the video

It happens that after publishing a video the author notices a mistake in the description. As long as other users haven’t watched the published video and haven’t started leaving tricky comments, he starts looking for a button to help fix it.

It’s impossible to edit the description of the clip. But there is a way out – you need to delete the clip, change the information and upload it to the network again, before it starts to move to the top. To avoid unpleasant situations in the future, double-check the title and description of the video before publication several times.

On profile

But on his page, the user can remove information or tweak it as many times as he considers necessary. Algorithm of actions:

Go to your page. In the lower right corner, click the “Me” button. Here are the basic settings.


The user page opens. A “Change profile” button appears under the subscriber statistics, click on it.


Profile settings will open:

  • name – it is recommended to specify the real data, so it’s easier to achieve the location of new subscribers;
  • username – a unique signature that will be visible to other visitors of the network;
  • description – write profile direction, specify interests, short biography, preferences;
  • Instagram, YouTube – if the author has accounts in these social networks, you should specify the links.

After making changes, press the “Save” button.

How to change hashtags

To make your video viewed by the greatest number of users, you must have hashtags (tags). They allow you to combine clips by interest, and subscribers use them to find videos. The presence of hashtags promotes the video in recommendations, the author gets likes, increases the number of views and subscribers.

Knowledgeable bloggers do not recommend adding more than 5 tags to a clip. You can’t remove or change the hashtag after publishing a video. You need to delete the video and upload it again.

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