How to enable incognito mode in Opera – key combination, through the menu

Enabling incognito browsing in Opera

How do I turn on incognito mode in Opera? This question interests many PC users who browse sites through the Opera browser. This kind of functionality is present in every modern browser and is designed for hidden browsing with automatic removal of cache, cookies, history immediately after closing the tab. In this article I will tell you about this feature, the ways to activate it and its disadvantages.

Enabling incognito view in Opera

How do I enable Opera incognito mode?

There are several simple methods on how to launch “Private Browsing”. The most common involves the use of the keyboard. The key combination Shiht+Ctrl+N will come in handy, after which one new window opens, the tab of which has a corresponding icon:

Opera's secured browsing window

It will also show information about the desired mode with an offer to activate additionally VPN in Opera for even more secure browsing.

Agree, there is nothing complicated about it – one combination of buttons solves all problems.

How to open the incognito tab in Opera through the menu

But what to do if the keyboard is partially faulty, the necessary keys do not work? In this case, the following method will do.

  • It is necessary in the left top corner to click on the browser logo – “Menu”;
  • A list of operations will be displayed, where practically at the top you will see the desired option:

The result will be the same as the previous method. It is elementary, as it seems to me!

Activation by default via VPN

Many users would like Opera to automatically open in secure browsing mode. Unfortunately, there is no such setting. But it is realistic to apply a workaround – VPN (for more information on the topic you will find in the article at the link).

It is enough to click the appropriate icon at the beginning of the address bar, and then move the switch to the “On” position:

Please note that “Virtual Location” has to be set to “Optimum…”. This way you will not have much discomfort regarding the connection speed limitation.


If the advantages of this approach are obvious, it is worth mentioning the “disadvantages” that are inherent in the incognito mode in Opera:

  • As already mentioned above, when using WAP As mentioned above, there are some restrictions on the quality of the connection. The requests you send are processed through third-party servers located in other countries. This increases the time of loading pages. In this case, the download speed is also limited. For example, normally it is 1-2 MB per second, and with the enabled VPN – 50-100 kb. This is enough for visiting websites, but downloading large files will take a lot of time. And the stability of the connection leaves much to be desired;
  • In Opera “Private Browsing” window, browser add-ons/extensions/plugins do not work, which is a significant disadvantage. This is done in order to close all the “holes” through which the leakage of personal data can occur.

As you can see, there are not too many disadvantages, although they are quite significant. Therefore, you should not expect from this kind of functionality something “cosmic”. It is originally designed solely for discreet visits to web resources, followed by clearing all traces.

And if you want to remove all restrictions in the speed, not to open a bunch of additional windows, then you should install a full VPN client on your computer, having paid a tariff (from 300 rubles per month and above). Obviously, this way is not suitable for many. Well, then you should not complain, looking for non-existent methods of solution. This is how the modern Internet works – either free, but with limits; or “royal conditions”, but for money.

I’m sure you have no questions about “How to enable incognito mode in Opera”, because it is very simple and clear.

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