How to enable T9 on Meizu (Meizu) of any model

How to enable T9 on Meizu regardless of the model

Daily communication in messengers, social networks and chats makes you type a lot of text, doesn’t it? Below, let’s figure out how to enable T9 on Meizu. Not everyone knows that typing on your smartphone can be faster, you just need to show a little ingenuity and change something in the settings.

T9 on the smartphone Meizu

It is a technology that allows speeding up typing on the mobile device. The first case of its successful implementation is documented back in 1999, in the device now deceased French company Sagem. The urgent need for fast text entry appeared with the mastodons of the mobile market – the first serial phones with the dimensions of a brick and a simplified keyboard. Character input is easy, of course, but for fast typing, you needed something more serious. In other words, the T9 function predicts the word the user is trying to type.

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The selection of variants is carried out right on the fly (we entered only 3 letters, and the smartphone Meizu already suggests several words, ranking them by priority).

Time passed, and the system slowly evolved. In version 5.1, the phone could already “think” (in other words, continue the word) for the user. Russian-speaking users could only fully experience this feature at the beginning of 2004, since the company that created the dictionaries for the T9 language for some reason bypassed the Russian version, while the large (at that time) manufacturers’ models did not always correctly display the T9 function in the Russian-speaking interface. This was a serious problem.

Interesting fact: x65-x75 phones from Siemens were characterized by advanced features, which manifested themselves in the ability of the system to set the T9 dictionary itself.

Later, Motorola launched mobile devices with iTap technology, which, unlike the aforementioned t9, tried to anticipate and suggested the use of a whole word, or even a phrase. The combination of these two technologies and their subsequent development we see in today’s gadgets.

How to enable the T9 function on Meizu?

The problem of enabling predicative typing on Meizu smartphones is complicated by the fact that modern models (the same m3e, for example) work on the Android system, modified by the proprietary Flyme shell.

In practice, the m3e model is not always provided with a Flyme shell – this is typical for batches of mobile devices designed for the domestic market in China. If you don’t manage to enable speed input using the instructions below, use the instructions at the end of the article.

Accordingly, the procedure for activating the smart input function is different from what Android users are used to. In order to enable T9 on Meizu you need:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • In the subsection “Language” select from the list the item “TouchPal” and tap on it;
  • Go to the own settings of the application and find the line “Smart Input”;
  • In the drop-down list select the line “Prediction” and check the box.
Setting up smart touchpad input

This method is basically universal for Meizu. The same way you can activate predictive typing on the mx6 model.

How to activate T9 on Android?

On the smartphone Meizu M2 for example, in the shipments of which are noticed as variations of the Flame shell, as well as the “bare system”, to enable or disable the T9 is easier. Let’s consider the variant with the device running on the standard Android OS, without add-ons and shells:

  • From the menu, go to “Settings”;
  • Select the tab “Language…”. (may be called “Keyboard” in older versions);
Setting up input

or like this:

Cancel auto-change suggestion
  • Then go to the input method that you selected earlier and in its options you need to activate “Auto Correction”, “Text Correction” – depends on the Android version and the installed keyboard.
Activate auto text correction

Done. Here we have figured out how to enable T9 on Meizu. Having mastered this function, you can quickly add a person to your contacts, or “tune” a whole monologue in social networks, spending a minimum of time.

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