How to find a person by phone number – all ways

How to find a person by phone number

Do you know how to find a person through a phone number? What does it take? There is no one easy way, because the operators protect the data on the number owner and do not disclose it. So you can’t call the provider and ask whose phone number it is. But you can use other options, which I will now tell you about.

Location of subscriber

How to locate on a mobile device

To find out where the owner of a cell phone is, now anyone can. Many operators offer a special service – geolocation. With its help it is possible to find a subscriber, and the accuracy will be very high. GLONASS and GPS are not even needed.

But this process is possible only if the user’s gadget will be in the network coverage area. If the device is disconnected or the cellular operator is unavailable, only specialized services are able to track it.

Recently, a lot of services have appeared that allow you to identify the approximate location on the map, where the person is at that moment. Usually, such services are chargeable and cost about 400 rubles. In fact, the amount is quite reasonable for such information.

I would like to elaborate on geolocation. In the process of using mobile communication, the user’s device periodically communicates with the main station. This is a feature of communication technology. In addition, the activation of the device communication functions with satellites is not necessary. Moreover, the phone may have no such modules at all. But with the help of the operator’s towers, the user can still be tracked. This is a kind of online search. The accuracy of the information obtained will depend on your provider. In the city it will be higher, because the density of stations is much higher. Modern technology makes it possible to find even a house number. Where there are fewer towers, the distance error can be several kilometers.

Use geolocation

Use possibilities of carriers.

Each provider now has a specialized option that determines the location of the subscriber on-demand via satellite.

  • If the person you are looking for has a Beeline SIM card, activate the “Locator”, and you must also have a Beeline connection. To activate the service, enter the number 09853. It helps to find not only relatives, friends, but also necessary objects, such as cafes, supermarkets and others. You can also use it if you have lost your phone. The option uses its own base stations. The subscriber receives information on the map (if using a smartphone) or by SMS, for the service you will need to pay about 90 rubles per month. The first week you will use it for free.
Locator service from Beeline
  • Tele2 also has a similar offer – “Geopoisk”, you can use with any tariff. Thanks to the option, you can find out where the wanted person is now. But you will not be able to track him without the consent of the subscriber. You only need to take permission once. After that you can create a search and the server of the company will send you an SMS with the location of the person. The message contains the approximate address and an active link to the map, which you can click on and watch. Geopoisk is activated by a combination of *119*01#. After connecting, you need to send a USSD command with the number of the user you want to find. At this moment, a notification will come to his/her phone with a request to allow location data. If the answer is affirmative your phone will receive a reply with information. You will have to pay two rubles per day for this service.

  • Megafon offers to use the Radar or Beacon services. The essence of them is that the network stations find the location of the user. This search will involve networks of all operators, so the most important thing is that the phone of the wanted person is turned on. This company offers a whole range of options for finding a person:

  1. “Radar Lite” – a light version, you can use once a day and find only one subscriber.
  2. “Radar” – up to five users can be tracked per day. In this case, you can request their location an unlimited number of times, it costs three rubles per day.
  3. “Radar +” – the most “expensive” version, the cost is seven rubles. It helps to determine the route and put a geofence, if its limits have been violated – a notification will come. This service is often used by parents to always know where their child is.

Recently, smart watches with a receiver, which communicate with the child and determine their route, have become especially popular. You can activate the function from Megafon through the company’s website, the combination or the Radar app.

  • MTS created the service “Locator”, as well as “Child Watch”. The first can be provided if the subscriber agrees to it. It is easy to activate on the website of the service provider. The first two weeks to use for free, and then it will be necessary to pay one hundred rubles per month. You can make 100 requests in 30 days. The second option initially could connect exclusively in Beeline, but two years ago, MTS and Megafon merged with Beeline and began providing a joint service. That is, grouped “Family”, where you combine the phones of relatives and children.

How to track the owner of the iPhone

Many applications have been developed for Android and iOS gadgets that can show a person’s location. Owners of iPhones can use the program Find My Friends. It will show the exact location by navigation. This application uses GPS technology and will also require consent from the person being sought.

In addition, “apple devices” is available function “Find iPhone”, it will help to identify the location on the map or will give an audible signal.

Search function of iPhone

Social network

It is hard to imagine how many people are now registered in various social networks, so if you need to find someone, you can safely use the capabilities of these resources. For example, in VK it is easy to find a page by phone number. However, this service is only available in the mobile version of the social network. To do this, log on to the site, open the password recovery service, and in the window enter the number of the person you’re looking for.

After that, confirm your actions and wait for the access recovery window to appear. Further steps can not be performed, because the name and surname of the wanted person will appear in front of you. You can do this for free. After all, people voluntarily indicate contacts and other personal information.

If pages with such information are not hidden, Yandex or Google will help you find them out. For example, you know the number 8983562578, enter it into the search engine in different ways: together, separated, hyphenated. It is better to enter it in quotes, so the system understands the request. For a successful search and to obtain a positive result, you should form all possible options in one query. As a result, one contact should come out, the only thing left in the results is to find the first and last name. This is not a cheat, you can try it yourself.

Other Possibilities

While few people know that in determining the location can be useful messenger Viber. In this case, the location of the interlocutor will see only the one with whom he is communicating in the application. For the location to be visible, you need to enable geolocation – press “Send location”. After that, the person will see the real coordinates on the map.

Sending subscriber's location in Vyber

In Skype, you can also search for a person by number, but you will only be able to find him from the available list of your contacts. To do this, enter in the search bar the numbers with the country code of residence. The system may say that there are no friends with this number, so you will need to save the data. Next, you simply add your username. When you enter in the list, you select the desired contact and add the phone, and then you can call it.

Interestingly, in Facebook, you can also enter a phone in the search line and the system will give you a result – a user whose profile is tied to it. By default, all users who specify this parameter in their information have this feature.

If you know the subscriber’s number and want to find out where he or she is via computer, you can try using search engines and directories. At least you will know the country, city and operator exactly. This is handy if you are constantly receiving unfamiliar incoming calls. Once you find the city where the subscriber’s phone belongs, you can use the virtual directory.

Searching in search engines

Is it possible to track a person without permission? Naturally, no. So, the use of GPS trackers and specialized tracking software is strictly prohibited. For this reason, such services of mobile operators can be used only after the person gives his permission to determine his location. If you encounter a paid program on the Internet, which offers to find someone by number, and it is written that the wanted person himself will not even know about it, remember – it’s a scam. Such actions are prohibited by law, and it is not worth the risk. Try not to run into scammers and the popular “scam” today. And if you do not want to be found – do not specify your contacts in social networks.

How to find a person by phone number? There are several options, so consider each and try them all. So it will be easier to find the right person. Well, if there is an urgent need, consider more serious options, for example, the help of special institutions. Or maybe you know of other ways? Share them in the comments. Subscribe to updates of the blog to keep abreast of all the most interesting.

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