How to find a phone that we lost?

Have we lost our phone? What to do next? We can easily check where our phone is, even lock it or remotely delete data from it. Additionally, we can also set a message for the person who found it so that it will show up when the phone is restarted. In this case, how to locate a lost phone?

What should we do if our phone is stolen or lost?

First of all, let’s not panic and stay calm. Let’s try to remember where we last saw it. If we are sure that our phone has been stolen or we have lost it, the first thing we should do is block the banking apps on the phone. Of course, only in case we have such installed.

Most of us secure our phone with a password, pattern, fingerprint, or our image, but these are not bulletproof protections and do not preclude a thief or finder from gaining access to your device.

The code for your phone is often similar to the code for your banking app, so if a thief has already broken the former lock, they will try to get into your bank account. Even if you think your PIN (or fingerprint, since some banking apps also use this security feature) won’t be cracked, it’s still not worth the risk.

Just call your bank and ask them to block such an app in such a way that no one can use it to pay, make transfers or withdraw cash using the popular BLIK code. In some cases, it is possible to make such a block (or simply disconnect the device in question from the account) through the bank’s online transaction service, without having to contact a consultant.

Another issue is trying to call your phone. This way we will find out if the finder is honest and will answer, or if it is a thief who does not answer or has turned off the phone. If the phone is on but no one answers, we can move on to tracking it.

How to locate a lost phone?

Of course, the theft of the phone should be reported to the police, and in theory they should deal with it, but in practice it may often turn out that our problem will not be particularly interested. So we can try to locate it on our own. In the case of a lost device, on the other hand, this will be our only option because, obviously, the police will not waste their resources trying to find the smartphone if no criminal act has been committed.

Depending on what operating system you have on your phone, you should log into the appropriate application through your computer’s browser. Of course, in order for this function to be possible, we need to prepare for such a circumstance in advance: run the appropriate option in the smartphone, and also permanently turn on the GPS in it.

How to find a lost iPhone?

For iOS phones, it will be a combination of “Find my iPhone” and “Find my friends”, from iOS 13 known as Locator. For this app, you log in with your iCloud account. For that, for Android phones, it will be the “Find my device” feature, which is closely tied to your Google account.

After logging in, we can try to track our phone. Its location (if it is on) should be shown on the map. The accuracy of the tracking is very high – the margin of error is usually around 100-150 meters, which means we shouldn’t have much problem tracking down a thief.

Phone location options also have additional features, such as locking your phone, only you will be able to unlock it. Another option is to trigger a ringtone. This is great if, for example, you want to be sure that you suspect the right person, and also in a less extreme situation – when you know that the smartphone is lying somewhere in the house and the location alone will not give you much, but the sound will be useful.

It is also possible to delete data remotely. This solution should be strongly considered, because although it will stop thieves from digging into our private data, but (unless you have a backup) you will also lose it, even if you manage to recover your device.

Can a phone be located by its number?

People who wonder how to locate a lost phone often come across shady sites that promise to track down the phone by its number alone. This usually involves some sort of fee, such as sending a “verification text message,” which you will of course have to pay for. The truth is that people who offer this type of service are scammers.

It is simply unrealistic to be able to track down anyone so quickly, simply and cheaply with just their phone number. While many people would certainly love to use such an option, not only to track a potential thief but also, for example, a spouse suspected of infidelity, it is obviously not really feasible (not for ordinary bread eaters, anyway).

Sophisticated tracking and surveillance tools are at the disposal of investigative and security authorities, not the owners of random sites on the Internet. We should not believe in their assurances and waste money on such services.

Locating a lost phone – summary

Modern technology brings great opportunities to track the location of electronic devices. This carries certain risks, but it also has positive aspects, as it makes it relatively easy to find stolen or lost equipment. However, our efforts will come to nothing if we do not activate the appropriate options in our smartphone in advance, so it is worth taking care of that.

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