How to find out your Telegram ID: Ways to get an address on different gadgets

Each user of Telegram gets a unique personal digital code, called Telegram user ID. For the average person, this code is of almost no value, but the messenger interface itself stores personal data of its users under this number. But sometimes it still needs to be found out. And here, users are faced with a difficulty – how to find out their Telegram ID in a short time.

Why do you need a Telegram user ID?

The program has a nickname that you can set yourself. It helps to find each other on the net and contact each other without exchanging phone numbers.

A Telegram User ID is the same ID, but for the system itself. It is automatically generated within Telegram and is attached to the user’s page (group, chat, channel) at the moment of registration. User ID allows users to connect with each other, join groups, use bots, and read feeds.


In addition, User ID has other functions:

  1. Seamless interaction of profiles within the messenger: messaging, the ability to attach and send a file, add a new member to a chat or group.
  2. Identification of a particular user. You can change the photo, page and channel content, but you can’t change the ID, even if you don’t like it.

Unlike a username, which can be written in both letters and numbers, a user ID consists only of numbers and is static. Besides, you can’t just look it up in the settings or find it anywhere on your page at all. But then, what to do? After all, you need the ID to create a group in Telegram, for example. Or for settings and normal operation of group chat. You’ll have to resort to additional tools to find it.

How to find it

The easiest way to find out IDs is through special bots, of which more than two dozen have been invented. However, many are no longer functioning or give out erroneous data. Actual bots work essentially the same way.


It is enough to send them a request on your behalf. Right now you can use @my_id_bot, @getmyid_bot, @MyTelegramID_bot.

How to find out your user ID

The old version of Telegram had a function to view your own system ID, but later it was removed for security reasons. And almost immediately there were bots, because the need for this information remained. Bots don’t care why a person needs to know a personal ID. They simply respond to a series of commands and give out the necessary information.

  • In the search box you need to find the necessary chat-bots. You can use the ones given above.


  • Open a dialog box with him and click “Run” at the bottom.


  • The next message the bot will send the ID identifier.


The bot can be used an infinite number of times if the dialog is lost or lost.

Another person’s address

If you need to get the ID of another user on Telegram, it is just as easy. The bot will help you with this @getmyid_bot. It allows you to check both your own data and the data of others.

  • Find the bot by nickname and open a chat with it.


  • In the list of contacts, find dialogs with the desired person, select any message and send it to the bot through the internal menu of the dialog.


  • In response, the bot will send a message with three lines “Your user”, “Current chat” and “Forwarded from”. Where the first is the bot’s own ID, the second is the robot’s ID, and the third is exactly what you initially wanted – the ID of another user.

The response is usually received within a second, but you have to wait up to a minute if the connection is bad.

It’s worth noting that if the user’s account is hidden, any bots are powerless. They simply won’t get through the program’s blocking. The exception is if the contact is in the phone book of the smartphone.


Finding out the user’s ID is not a big deal. Another question is how to declassify the chat’s ID. And in this situation it is worth resorting to the services of another virtual assistant: @username_to_id_bot. Further actions will be as follows:

  • Find the robot through the search bar and start a chat with it.


  • Next, enter the chat, the information about which you want to find out.
  • In the name of the chat click “More”, and then – “Information about the group.


  • In the window that opens, there is a link. This is the “address” of the chat. Copy it.


  • Send the copied link to the bot.
  • It reads it and sends the information you are looking for.



There are several ways to find out the channel or group ID:

  • Changing the status to “public”. To do this, you will have to send an appropriate request to the bot @channelName. But there is a nuance: only the owner of at least 5 resources can do this.
  • Use bots as in all previous cases.
  • Find the channel in the general Telegram database and pay attention to the first digits of the url. This is the

Despite the simple and easy, it would seem, scheme of viewing any Telegram ID, there has not yet been a single case of information leakage. Still, this messenger is rightfully considered the most reliable in terms of data protection.

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