How to get a tick in TickTock: what the symbol means and how to do it for free

TicToc social network tick is the main goal of many bloggers. It distinguishes the account among other channels, helps to exclude clones, emphasizes the quality mark of the profile. There is an opportunity to make money on the platform. The blue tick contributes to reaching a new level of income in the community. How to get a blue tick in TickTock, to verify the profile, ticktockers want to know. Let’s take a look at why you need to verify your account and what the benefits are.

What does TickTock mean?

Verification means confirming the account. Such a measure helps popular people to get rid of fakes. Fraudsters create duplicate profiles to make money on them. So the service helps to solve two problems at the same time: get rid of clones and highlight successful accounts of celebrities.

tick in TicTocke

The video community previously used a golden crown icon. But over time, the creators abandoned this symbol in favor of the blue check mark used by most social networks. Only advanced users can get the coveted TickTock mark. Developers make every effort to ensure that users devote more time to the development of their page, creating quality content.

To increase subscribers and likes, tiktokers came up with a new game. Its essence is that two teams play: girls (purple team) and boys (red team). The aim of the game is to capture many videos, writing under the clip “captured by the purple team. The winner is the one who gets the most likes and comments.

What are the benefits of this?

Most interested bloggers know that it’s not easy to get verified. But the advantages of this status are guessed by few. The pros include:

  1. Public trust. Users understand that getting a blue tick on TicToc, especially for unpopular users, is hard enough. A verified account is more trustworthy, new subscribers appear, and popularity growth is assured.
  2. Popularity Score. The special mark shows the interest of the audience, the popularity of the author in his circles. Checkmarks are marked profiles of famous personalities, popular bloggers.
  3. Protection from plagiarism. Fraudsters copy channels in order to make money. To get rid of clones, the popular ticktocker passes verification of the account.
  4. Income from advertising. The higher the popularity of the channel, the more interest from advertisers. The number of subscribers, profile activity bring additional income to the author and the service at the expense of advertising.

Not every user in TicToc can boast of such a privilege. Without a symbol in the form of a tick on the platform, you can also earn.

How to get it?

The administration of the platform does not assign ticks. This happens automatically, with the help of the social network algorithm. It is impossible to say exactly when a tick will be assigned. In order to get it, several conditions must be met:


  • the number and frequency of publications in the feed;
  • the quality and uniqueness of content;
  • active increase in the number of subscribers.

You can speed up the process of checking your account by sending a request to the support service. In the letter you need to specify the link to the account, the number of followers, the reasons for attention to the profile, and a link to a personal page in other social networks. Known individuals outside of the TickTock video community can be ticked off right away. All other ticktokers must go through a verification procedure, to earn the attention of the public.

The answer from the technical support comes within 1-3 days. Administrators have the right to refuse verification. In this case it will be necessary to work on the quality of the content or moderators may ask for data to confirm the identity.

Authors whose posts have been shared or clicked on the “Download” button are also considered popular. The creator of the videos can get a blue tick for high profile activity.

Why is it not possible to pass the verification?

The reason for refusal to receive the blue icon may be the non-compliance with at least one point of the conditions. To receive the honorary title, it is important not only to ensure the appropriate number of subscribers, but also to upload high-quality content regularly. If you fail to verify your account at the first attempt, this indicates that the author is not active enough.


To increase your chances of getting a tick, you need to increase the channel’s activity level, upload only creative and original videos, and get subscribers interested. Verify an account only if you actively communicate with your subscribers and if you don’t have any complaints.

Is it possible to get the blue tick bypassing ways?

Thanks to the blue tick icon, a TicToc user becomes popular and takes top positions in search engines. An advanced account shows up in the feed more often than others, gains more coverage, and attracts advertisers. Verification allows you to increase the number of subscribers by hundreds of times. The author can make a profile monetized and make a profit.

It is possible to get the full package of privileges of the verified profile by buying it on special services. Anyone can get such an opportunity, regardless of popularity, rating, number of subscribers. Many sites on the Internet are full of such ads. But in fact, the moderators of TikTok portal keep an eye on the specially accrued likes. When a fake page is detected, it is sent to the ban. It is possible to run into scammers in this way and not get the expected result after paying.

Resources for promoting an account in TikTok do exist. These are paid services for the selection of hashtags, promotion, and exchanges of free recruitment. Links can be downloaded or copied from specialized resources.

To verify the account in TikTok, you need to make every effort in its promotion. It is important to constantly analyze the work, monitor the quality of the content. Then the author will definitely get the cherished blue tick and become popular in the social network.

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