How to get badges in Discord: Types of distinctive marks and ways to get them

The network for communication Discord is rapidly gaining popularity and replaces most others. It has features that make it convenient for everyone. Among them, there are many tools to personalize your profile. One of these is badges. Badges are the marks that are displayed next to the avatar. Since many people don’t know how to get badges in Discord, here’s the answer: you can get them for special events or supporting the app.


Joining HypeSquad

One of the easiest ways to get badges is by joining HypeSquad. This is a community where people are focused on developing Discord and promoting it.

To get there, you’ll need to:

  • Open user settings, find “HypeSquad.”


  • Click on “Join.”


  • Take a 5-question quiz, the results of which will determine which “house” the user belongs to and which badge he or she will receive.


There are three “houses”: Bravery with a purple badge, Brilliance with orange and red, and Balance with green. The allocation test can be replayed countless times, so it’s possible to get each of the three badges. In addition, until 2018, you could get a yellow HypeSquad badge. The badge was given to people who had previously supported the project in its development stages and participated in testing. Now it’s not possible to get one.

Discord Nitro

Another easy way to get a nice badge is to subscribe to Discord Nitro. Subscribing gives users advanced functionality, such as the ability to apply server emoji anywhere or choose their own tag. It also improves the quality of videos and streams, and increases the size of the files you can send.

To connect Nitro, you must:

  • In the main menu or in settings open the section “Nitro”.
  • Choose the necessary tariff plan.
  • Fill in your personal data and pay for the subscription.

The icon also has a peculiarity – its color varies depending on the time the user has been using Nitro: 1 year – blue; 2 years – green; 3 years – bronze, etc.

Discord partners

And probably the most difficult and demanding way, is to partner with Discord. There are three icons to choose from: an infinity sign with a special “partner” mark, a circle in a triangle, or a cute cross of a volumetric shape. To become a Discord partner, you need to be a media personality and have a large enough number of subscribers. It can be a blogger, Influencer, opinion leader or other well-known person with an audience.


Also, the candidate must meet the requirements of the service:

  1. For Twitch: minimum number of subscribers – 10,000, viewers on the stream – 100, streams per week – 4.
  2. For YouTube: subscribers – 100,000, video views – 10,000, videos per week – 2-3.
  3. For Reddit: 8 000 subscribers.
  4. For Mixer: subscribers – 10,000, viewers – 50, streams per week – 4.


To apply for partner status, you must:

  1. Go to the app’s official website.
  2. Find the “Discord Partners” tab.
  3. Click “Apply” and fill in the necessary data.


It is worth noting that applications are not always accepted or considered. If the collection is currently suspended, the button is inactive and grayed out. Also it will be written on the application page, so you should be careful and study all the information.

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