How to hide a chat in Telegram: how you can find and hide the correspondence, problems

The users of the messenger are often interested in how to hide or secure the chat in Telegram. The developers of the application provide their subscribers with a variety of options. Users can remove entries from the dialog box, encrypt the text of messages, and archive correspondence. To perform all these actions, the Telegram app has special functions.

What does “hide chat” mean?

If a Telegram subscriber is subscribed to several channels, is a member of various groups, actively corresponds with friends, acquaintances, using the functions of the messenger, then, most likely, its dialog window will be full. The developers of the application give their users the opportunity to remove unnecessary correspondence from the contact list.


Telegram subscribers can create an encrypted message, which will disappear after a set interval of time (minimum – in 1 second, maximum – in 7 days). Information can be transferred from one active device to another. Encrypted messages are not stored on Telegram’s servers, and cannot be intercepted or read. An encrypted message cannot be opened on an unauthorized device. It is only available on the device where it was created.

Ways to hide or secure your Telegram messages:

  • Disable notifications coming from various channels and groups;
  • to send some subscribers from the active list to the archive;
  • disable notifications from chats and hide them using a special feature of the “Workmode” application (for laptops and PCs only)
  • create a secret message (only for smartphones).

How to hide the correspondence in the application

The way that allows you to hide the dialogue:

  • select a group or channel;
  • to disable sound or outgoing notifications for the selected contact.


A way to get rid of unnecessary information in the active contact list:

  • select a channel or community;
  • move to archive.

into archive

A way to help clear the dialog box on your laptop:

  • select channels or groups and disable notifications from them;


  • go to the settings;


  • find the “Language” item and switch it to English;
  • type the word “Workmode” on the keyboard;
  • Click “ok” on the “Enable work mode” pop-up window;


  • Telegram will restart;
  • after restarting, the phrase “Hide chats without notifications (dimmed)” will appear at the top of the contact list


  • click on the line that appears, and all disabled conversations will disappear from the dialog screen.


A way to encrypt messages on your smartphone:

  • on the main screen, find the phrase “Create a new message”;


  • in the list of suggested actions select “Create secret chat”;


  • select the contact with whom the secret communication will be initiated;
  • write the text and set the time after which the sent information will disappear from the sender and the recipient simultaneously;
  • the secret chat will not disappear from the list, but will be highlighted in green, and there will be a “lock” icon near it.

How to find a hidden chat in Telegram

Where are the hidden channels or secret chats:

  • In the archive;
  • in the dialog window marked green, with a “lock” icon;
  • in Telegram settings.

How to disable the hidden (with “Workmode”) entries function:

  • go to settings;
  • switch to English and write the word “Workmode”;
  • click on “ok” in the pop-up window;
  • after restarting, the option will be disabled.

A user who is a member or subscriber of a group or channel has the ability to read posts posted by other Telegram subscribers. If there is too much information in a dialog box, it can be removed from the active list for a while. Hidden dialogs can be restored at any time.

chat back

Hidden information will always be in the place where you put it. Using special features of the messenger, you can change the status of hidden communities, that is, make them active and move them to the main window.

Possible problems

There are several ways to hide information in the messenger. Telegram users should remember that each device is endowed with its own capabilities. Some Telegram features are not available on Android smartphones or iPhones, or on computers using an older operating system. For example, hidden groups created with “Workmode” can only be created on the latest PCs and laptops. It is only possible to use this function in the Telegram application on such devices.

If a user manages to hide his correspondence on a modern computer using “Workmode”, he must know that when he logs in to his smartphone, his conversations will still be open. In mobile messengers, such a function can neither be enabled nor used. But on smartphones, it is possible to create a secret chat, that is, encrypt the text, while on a computer this is impossible.

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