How to improve communication on your Android phone: ways to increase signal quality

The quality of mobile communications plays a key role when using a smartphone. The ability to access the Internet and communicate with loved ones through telephony will depend on how stable the signal is. If you encounter problems with one of these services, you should figure out how to improve communication on your Android phone. And to begin with you will have to determine the factors that affect its quality.

What affects the quality of communication

How well the interlocutor hears you during a conversation, as well as the speed of opening pages on the Internet, directly depends on the quality of mobile communication. It is influenced by the following factors:

  • features of the smartphone;
  • The malfunction of the receiving device;
  • quality of coverage;
  • the presence or absence of technical works on the line;
  • the choice of communication standard.

These factors can be divided into those that are beyond the control of the owner of the smartphone, and those that he can influence himself. Below we will consider only ways to improve communication, implemented at home, that is, without hardware changes.

Ways to improve

Regardless of whether you are using a Samsung phone or a device of the Chinese brand Xiaomi, the ways to improve the quality of signal reception will be the same. The main thing is to carefully read the proposed instruction and follow all the requirements set forth in the material.

how to improve the connection on your android phone

Choosing the “right” operator

Strangely enough, much depends on the choice of mobile operator. After all, almost every major player in the mobile market has its own equipment, which spreads the signal. If we talk about Russia, we can distinguish four companies that provide mobile services:

  • “Beeline”;

how to improve the connection on your android phone

  • “MegaFon”;

how to improve the connection on your android phone

  • “MTS”;

how to improve communication on android phone

  • “Tele 2.

Megafon is distinguished by the highest quality of communication. However, its good signal reception is compensated for by the high cost of services. Therefore, if you do not want to overpay for the brand, it is recommended to study the coverage area of each operator first. Perhaps, in your locality, the conditional “Beeline” rather than “MegaFon” receives a better signal. To check, use the official website of the operator, as well as specialized resources on the Internet.

Tip. Also, do not forget to change your SIM card on time. If your card was purchased more than 10 years ago, you should definitely replace it, because it most likely does not support 4G standard.

how to improve communication on android phone

Network Signal Booster program

If you have chosen a reliable operator and have dealt with the SIM-card, but the quality of communication is still poor, then take advantage of the Network Signal Booster application.

It is available for free download through the Google Play Market and other sources.

The Network Signal Booster program helps to increase the cellular signal by selecting the optimal frequency range. To do this you will need to:

  • Install and then open the program.

how to improve communication on android phone

  • Issue all necessary permissions.

how to improve communication on android phone

  • Activate the item “Mobile Data”.

how to improve communication on android phone

  • Press the central button to start the booster.

how to improve communication on android phone

If Network Signal Booster will not help to improve the signal reception quality, you can use an alternative application, since there are many similar programs in the Play Store. It is also worth considering other methods to improve the connection.

Change the standard of connection

There are several communication standards, each of which is supported by smartphones:

  • 2G;
  • 3G;
  • 4G;
  • 5G.

how to improve communication on android phone

They all differ in many ways, whether it’s the quality of voice transmission during calls or the speed of an Internet connection. The newer the standard, the better the connection. But the fact that your phone supports 4G networks does not mean that it has a high data transfer rate. Probably, in the settings of the device the 3G standard is forced, and therefore it is necessary to change it forcibly:

  • Open your phone settings.

how to improve communication on android phone

  • Go to “SIM settings”.
  • Select the SIM card you are using.
  • Open the “Network Type” tab.

how to improve communication on android phone

  • Set it to “4G” or “Auto Select”.

How to improve communication on your android phone

Note that in Russia and other post-Soviet countries there is no point in choosing the 5G standard, since it is currently not supported. And so you can limit yourself to 4G, which is able to provide voice quality during calls, as well as the speed of the Internet connection.

Using Wi-Fi

If you are interested in the quality of mobile communications only in the context of access to the Internet, it makes sense to use Wi-Fi as an alternative connection. The mobile network is often overloaded if many people nearby are downloading large files or watching streaming videos, and the home Internet always provides high speeds. Therefore, if you are at home, try to use Wi-Fi rather than mobile Internet.

As a side note. Public Wi-Fi offered in cafes and other public places has low connection speeds. Often it is worse than the mobile Internet connection.

Using Wi-Fi android

Buy an amplifier

If the quality of your cell phone connection at home is very important to you, and your network connection is always poor, it makes sense to buy an amplifier. It is a special device that is installed outdoors and allows better signal reception, regardless of the distance from the cell tower. However, such a device is expensive, and you will need the help of a specialist to install it.

how to improve communication on android phone

Other solution methods

Above we have considered the main options for improving the signal. You should also pay attention to the features of your phone. Yes, the vast majority of models support 4G networks. However, many Chinese smartphones have limitations on frequency bands. It may happen that your new smartphone does not support the band used in your locality. So do not be lazy to check the list of supported “bands” and, if necessary, replace the device.

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