How to increase views in TikTok: ways to increase the number of free views

It’s hard to go from a novice blogger to an author who collects millions of views, thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments. Competition, mistakes made by beginners, and long-standing topics and niches get in the way. But bypassing the limitations of the “system” is quite realistic – you only need a little patience and instructions on how to increase views on the social network Tik Tok.

Why you need views on TikTok

Each social network operates with similar statistical indicators that determine the quality and relevance of content. Likes, comments, reposts and even views – this kind of “feedback” helps bloggers respond quickly to changes in their audience. If there are suddenly fewer views, then perhaps the vector of development is chosen incorrectly, and it is high time to change benchmarks.


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And the benefit of the number of views under each video also manifests itself in the possibility of getting “into trends,” that is, getting a foothold in the “Interesting” section, and from there gaining new subscribers and interested viewers. 

How to increase the indicators in the application

Social network TikTok for honest promotion: suspicious growth of some statistical indicators, such as views and likes, in the future, is closely examined by the administration, and if patterns of popularity growth are not found, there may be serious problems – up to blocking the profile. Avoiding sanctions will help to choose the right way to develop your profile, avoiding unnecessary ways to gain popularity.

Useless ways

Beginner bloggers in attempts to increase the number of views on each of the published clips often resort to though not fraudulent, but very strange ways to achieve imaginary appreciation. Everywhere they add hashtags not related to the theme of the video, launch “bots” on the page, launched from the pages of exchanges and sites with dubious reputations, and hope for advertising integrations.

As a result, indicators are growing, but at a disconnect from the rest of the statistics: and subscribers do not become more, and the chances to get in the “Recommended” does not increase. The reason for this is useless add-on, aimed solely at the growth of a single number in the profile. Developing a profile is much more important as a whole.

Ways that work

There are a number of recommendations to boost activity on your profile and make the life of each recorded video brighter:

  1. Profile customization. Preliminary preparation includes the full design of the personal page: it is important to fill in the column “Name”, choose a nickname and deal with links to third-party pages in social networks. Do not do without an expressive avatar that can immediately attract the eyes of others.
  2. Hashtags and tags. Publishing clips in TikTok without identifying marks is almost a crime. Without hashtags, an important component is lost: the chance of being recommended. Almost any tags are useful – thematic (#funny, #prank), geographical (#moscow), and even statistical – those that represent the year or list the characters.
  3. Subjects and ideas.. It is difficult to immediately generate entertaining content in TikTok and third-party social networks – due to the lack of experience, there is a high probability of not getting the author’s message across to the audience. Therefore, at least at the start, you can’t do without ideas floating on the surface and long used by competitors. Let the topic is not new, but you do not have to waste time on unnecessary experiments, and there is a chance to immediately dial the audience.
  4. Publication schedule. Regular activity in TikTok is an indicator of the account’s life. If the videos are released even twice a week, but on a certain day and at a certain time, it will be easier for viewers to wait for new publications, because they already know when the novelty will appear. It’s more difficult for those bloggers who haven’t decided on their creativity and are forever changing their schedule.

Why there are no views under videos in TikTok

If the clip in TikTok after publication is still not covered by the necessary statistics, then you need to wait a little longer: due to special algorithms of the social network, continuously updating user feeds and sections with recommendations, information about views appears with a delay.

An alternative reason is low-quality or unclaimed content: perhaps, the empty statistics have nothing to do with the delay in TikTok, and it is high time to change the topic, use hashtags or watch what famous competitors are doing.

Is it worth messing around with the boost

At the beginning of your career, when even high quality clips do not yield even ten views, you can ask for help from professionals – but we are not talking about the influx of bots for the sake of statistics, but about legal promotion methods: views, subscriptions, comments. And certainly SMM-services offering a similar set of opportunities in the network is enough: the main thing – at least cursorily, but read the reviews of other bloggers-competitors.


Does not hurt and targeting advertising, designed by experts: if you hit the target audience, then the budget squandered in the early days of the career will bring the necessary fame, and long-awaited sponsorship contracts.

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