How to install and configure Zoom

Zoom program, how to install and configure

In the period of the coronavirus, many businesses, business companies and even educational institutions have moved to remote communication and discussion of important issues. Many online venues have taken the lead, and ZOOM has become one of them. The ZOOM program helps to organize multi-user video conferences and hold important events online.

The developers offer the installation of the program on your laptop and smartphone, and there is a version in Russian. From the comfort of home users open a world of online communication opportunities, negotiate serious work, and interact with colleagues and partners. Company executives can control the activities of enterprises and maintain a leading position in the market, while teachers calmly take exams, certify students and solve arising issues.

We will tell you about the features of the program, downloading and installing it on your computer and smartphone, how to register, the main and additional settings. We hope that our article will be useful and interesting. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Zoom program

Program Features

Program options

The Zoom program has a wide range of features:

  • Demonstration of video materials, presentations;
  • Conducting conferences online up to 5 hours long;
  • work with colleagues for work and study, the number of participants in one session up to 50 people;
  • conduction of exams;
  • organizing the work of the enterprise;
  • passing and conducting training online;
  • free access to most program features.

Of course, Zoom has pros and cons. Companies and organizations choose Zoom for several reasons. First, the program is stable, even though millions of people around the world use it every day. Hundreds of thousands of conferences have not caused lags in the program’s operation. Second, the tools of the program are in the hands of the executives.

The organizers make the conference lineup themselves, turn microphones on and off, add and exclude people. When a leader creates a conference, they have a link. Access to the conference is via link only, so no uninvited guests will disturb the users while they are working. Organizers add notes, use interactive elements, and engage participants with broadcast presentations and other visuals. See also Rating of apps and software for streaming games and videos.

The Zoom includes an interactive whiteboard, a handy tool in the work of teachers and students. The video conference is recorded and then the video is sent to colleagues, students who could not participate in the video meeting, but should be aware of the topic discussed. By the way, the developers recently added a blurred background function. Now the user does not let other participants see the environment at home.

Of course, you can’t overlook the minuses of the platform. First of all, users are concerned about the increased popularity of the service. They worry about the risks of malfunctions due to the overload of the system. The second disadvantage is the complicated interface. To fully use the service, it takes a lot of time to learn all the features, buttons and functions.

How to Install

Installing the program is not difficult, a novice can cope with the process. The installation on the computer and smartphone is slightly different. Let us tell you exactly how.

On the computer

On your computer

When you type “ZOOM step-by-step installation instructions” into your search engine, it’s easy to get confused.

We have tried to be clearer about the main points in downloading and installing the program on your computer. 

  • By following this link, enter your email address and register;
  • you will find a letter in the mail with information about activating your account;
  • After activating the account, make up a password and add some information about yourself.

A Zoom icon will appear on your desktop, with which you will be ready at any time to be part of the conference or to start it yourself as a meeting organizer and administrator.

To your smartphone

On your smart phone

On Google Play, type ZOOM into the search box and download the app. Registration is done according to the standard scheme – enter your personal data, set a password for your personal account. Then follow the same pattern as for the installation on your computer, create conferences, communicate with students, colleagues, and management. The developers have taken care of the convenience of the application, now it does not take up much disk space. The user manages the application, settings and updates, personalization has reached the highest level. On the smartphone application is still functional, the interface is a little easier and more familiar.

How to create a conference

How to create a conference

On a computer, it will be more convenient to create a conference. In the tab “Account” tab go to URL and save it in the settings. The conference can be organized immediately or at a specific time. If at once, invite colleagues and acquaintances via a link. The conference has a unique ID – this is the key to the meeting. Without a number, members of the meeting will not be able to be part of the conference.

Postponed the conference for a certain time? No problem – go to the application in advance by clicking on the icon located on your desktop. Invite fellow ID (get it in advance by clicking on the New Meeting). The app gives unique links to conferences, and only the person with whom you have shared ID.

There are several advantages to having a conference just because of Zoom:

  • Ease of setup and use. Intuitive operation, with icons in a minimalist design. Features are quickly displayed when clicked, and users generally save time organizing a conference. Although some have noted that it takes them some time to figure out all the functions and features of the program.
  • Advanced settings. First of all, the organizer himself controls the sound, enabling and disabling microphones. High quality of communication is supported.
  • Work with foreign partners. Telephone calls cover more than 90 countries around the world, so users communicate with partners from other regions and countries. Packages and tariffs are flexible.
  • The organizer fully regulates the process of the conference.
  • Simultaneous use of different devices – Laptops and smartphones, personal computers and tablets without any loss of quality.
  • Unlimited number of participants. But this function is provided only after payment of a special tariff. In the free version there are 50 participants at a time. 

Other settings


Among other settings of Zoom we should mention creation of e-mails and forms to attract more participants. The corporate identity of the company and the organizer is supported, the synchronization of registered users with the CRM. The organizers assign another administrator who controls the quality of the conference, displays and pauses the screen, and shares the screen with other participants.

There are notes, online boards, a blurred screen function, and video recording and saving. About these settings we pointed out earlier in the merits of the program. In conducting online lessons, the convenience is brought to perfection, because now teachers divide students into groups and pairs, it is much easier to work with them, and the tasks are performed better and faster. The virtual background creates a nice picture of the background and saves time looking for the right place.

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