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Navitel Navigator (GPS&Maps, navigator) – a popular and popular among users program, which qualitatively determines the location of the user in the territory. As a multiplatform navigator with a variety of built-in online services, Navitel for android gives detailed information about 66 countries. In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the application, the subtleties of installation and the services supported by the application.


Advantages and disadvantages of the application

Advantages and disadvantages of the Navitel application

We begin the description of the application by listing its advantages. Experts and users highlight several key advantages of Navitel:

  • Multi-platform. Navitel navigator is supported by many platforms. Android developers were not left out either, who actively implemented the program and provided 7 days free access to the application.
  • Multilingualism. Navigator works not only in Russia, but all over the world. The software supports more than 30 languages of the world, and the developers offer regular updates, replenishing dictionaries.
  • Maps of different countries. Navigation is set up in many countries of the world, so the system contains a large selection of maps for any country.
  • 3D Display. The route is now displayed much more effectively, since there is support for 3D-format.
  • Comfortable work with different resolutions. The application shows itself well on older devices and the latest versions of gadgets and cell phones.
  • Work with SD cards. Feeling that your device is about to run out of space? Download Navitel 2020 on a memory card and use your navigator in unlimited mode.
  • Offline support for the system. Even if there is no access to the global network, Navitel 2020 maps function well, and users do not face restrictions and difficulties in constructing a route.

The developers provide regular updates and work with user feedback. Now anyone can get answers to common questions: “Navitel maps – download file on android: is it possible for free?”, “How to update the file?”, “Is there compatibility with Windows devices?”.

Like any system, Navitel maps is not perfect, the experts themselves determine the disadvantages. First of all, the disadvantages include the limitations of the free version. 30 days – in the period of evaluation of the program, and in this period of time the user is immersed in the system and gets acquainted with the functions. After that, if he likes everything, he buys the full version or refuses to work with the navigator.

It is convenient for travelers from country to country to use Navitel maps, but for each state the map is purchased separately. After changing the device to a newer version of the phone or tablet, you need to re-activate the program, that is, the user buys the key again. Usually it’s better to wait until the subscription expires and buy a new key that is already tied to a new device. This way your spent money won’t be burned in vain. See also rating of the best navigators without internet.

Installing the App

Installing the application

Installation of the program is done in two ways:

  • Through Google Play;
  • Through the installation of a special .apk-file. 

To download the application through Google Play, go to the market and type Navitel in the search bar. The desired application is the first in the drop-down list. Be careful: fake sites that have nothing to do with the real app are constantly circulating on the web.

After installing the program, you have access to unlimited functions of the application for 1 month. When the 30 free days are over, you need to buy an activation key. You can buy it at the official site of the developers.

The second way is related to working directly with the official site of Navitel. Specify the current version of Android on your device and information about the screen resolution. After downloading, as in the first method, opens access to 30 days of work without paying for the software. The site presents maps for programs with a trial period of work, the return of functionality is made through the activation of the full version of Navitel.

Some users are looking to save money, so they look for hacked versions. Remember that this is not safe, and the programs are not reliable. There is a great risk not only to damage the device, but also to give fraudsters access to personal data.

Updates and services from Navitel

Updates and services from Navitel

Updates from Navitel for android are represented by two directions:

  • Updating route maps;
  • Updating the program, functions.

Maps are updated manually, but the user can also connect the automatic update function. During the next download of the application, it will open the already updated variation of the software. Routes and notes are saved after the update. On the official website, the developers offer detailed instructions on how to use the application. Personalization consists of changing the design, developing routes and downloading add-ons. In total, the software supports 26 voice packages! Recently we did review of navigators for pedestrians..

Navitel developers have created a lot of functional services. Only officially activated accounts can use them. For convenience, register on the Navitel website and add your gadget (tablet, cell phone) to the devices. After you activate the system, purchase maps of different countries.

Services supported by the application:

  • Navitel.News;
  • Navitel.Events;
  • Navitel.Friends;
  • Navitel.Weather;
  • Navitel.Traffic;
  • Navitel.SMS.

In the services you can communicate with your friends and acquaintances, exchange maps and notes, find out the current weather forecast and update information about traffic jams. In addition to the news, you get information about discounts and promotions, updates and changes in the application functionality.

In SMS, the user shares his own geolocation and gets information about the location of the interlocutor. The services are fast, and there are also built-in tips that help newcomers understand the features of the software.

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