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When you buy a device with preinstalled AndroidMany people are faced with the question:”How to install software on androidWhen you buy a device with Android preinstalled, many people are faced with the question: “Install software for this operating system. In fact, the manufacturers have logically thought out a chain of sequences, according to which any software is installed on any device with android OS. You need to know that all the programs based on Android have a physical extension .apk. Examples of programs: mail_agent.apk, qip.apk and so on…

And so the sequence of operations (suitable logically for all models based on Android OS)

Usually there is a CD with the software to synchronize the device via USB. This software must be installed on your PC. If there is no such program, you can find and download it in the usual way from the Internet. Usually the name of this program looks like this: (brand name) SyncSync, or from a ready to use program Android_O.S or another similar program.

2. 2. Once the necessary software is installed, you need to connect your device via usb cable. Then it is necessary to make sure that the program recognized the device, usually in the notification line of the phone should be a tick, or a similar notification in the line of the synchronization program.

3. In the section of the program there is a menu “Installer applications, programsInstaller” or similar. Press…., then…, overview. Choose the application you want to install and click “Done” or “OK. Check if your device gives you additional parameters. If so, follow the menu item to complete the installation. See the display of the installed program.

There is a second option, more convenient for most users. This way bypasses the connection and synchronization with the PC. The way with the program Apps_Installerinstalled on the device beforehand.

1. You need to upload or download any of the necessary SOFTWARE on flash card of your device с extension .apk

2. Run the program Apps_Installer, which will automatically scan your memory card and display the list of installed programs with .apk extension. Next, you need to select the necessary SOFTWARE and it will be installed on your device. The same scheme works for apk_Installerwhich you also need to install on your device. The process of installing applications for Android OS does not differ very much from the installation of java applications or applications based on the symbian. The same does not practically differ in their functionality and interface of the synchronization program. So you can safely install the desired application. And do not wonder: how to install programs on android correctly.

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