How to install the play market app for free and set up the Google Play App

установить приложение плей маркет бесплатно
install the play market app for free

Google Play market is an app that has replaced Android Market on all android devices. Users can download apps and games, as well as add their own developments for public use. Let’s find out how to install the play market app for free and set it up correctly.

In the new version, all apps and games are available for the user to view, not just those supported by the device – as was the case in the previous version. Every day on Google Play developers add several dozens of updates for applications and games. With this application, you will always find games and programs to your liking on your Android device.

What is the service

Android tablets and phones are very popular and are among the leaders in the market. This is not surprising, because for a very inexpensive price you can get a great device. Watching movies and videos, listening to music, reading books, surfing the Internet and interesting games – this is an incomplete list of advantages, for which people are so fond of devices running Android.

And the support provides a powerful processor and a large amount of internal and external memory. In addition, users liked the application store, where you can download an unimaginable number of various programs and games.

Android Store (also called Google Play or Play Market) is a service that contains and constantly updated applications for Android devices. You can either buy them or download them for free, and free utilities are not worse than paid ones.

Games, programs, movies, music, books – everything can be easily installed on your tablet and enjoy it as much as you like.

Today there are a huge number of useful programs. To get to the application store is easy, because the program Play Market is already pre-installed on your device. You will also need a Google account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to get one.

How to create an account on android

  1. Directly on your tablet. Open the Play Store, click on “Create account”. Next, you need to enter your first and last name (you can not be real), come up with a mailing address and password, specify your place of residence, sex, and date of birth. Now you can use the app store at your pleasure.
  2. On the official website The steps are the same: click on “Register” and enter the necessary data. After that, go to the Market, enter your username and password and enjoy wandering the vast expanse of this service.

Download Play Market for free

How to launch a service

Going into the app store, we immediately find ourselves on the main page and see sections, a list of recommended content, both paid and free, new items and much more.

Google play market sections

Google Play sections

  1. Applications. In this section you can install different programs. Video and audio players, calculators and notebooks, online banks and readers are just some of the programs you can find there. To make it easier to find the necessary utility, you can search for it in the appropriate category or use the search engine. If you just want to see what’s out there, it’s a good idea to check out the “Top Paid”, “Top Free”, “Best Sellers”, and other tabs.
  2. Games. This is a huge collection of all kinds of toys on Android, there is a division into categories. But we highly recommend checking out “Top Free,” “Best Seller,” and “Top Paid. You’re sure to find something interesting here.
  3. Movies. You can not only download them from torrents or watch them online, but also find them in the Market. The scheme here is this: you can rent a movie, that is, to download it in a browser and watch it once, or buy it, then it will be added to “My Movies”. This is a paid treat. In addition, you must first download the free Play Movies app, where the files will be stored.
  4. Music. The app store is filled with a variety of music of all kinds and genres. You can add individual tracks as well as entire albums to your “My Music”. But this pleasure is also paid. If you still want to buy a few tracks, you will first need to download the free Play Music app. There is a trial version.
  5. Books. Here you can find works by your favorite authors and any genre. However, you have to pay and download the free Play Books program. And you don’t have to fear that you won’t like the book, because you can read a small excerpt.
  6. Press. This is a rather unusual section. Don’t feel bad if you can’t buy a new issue of your favorite magazine. You can buy it on Play Market or read it for free. You can also subscribe for a month or a year. For all this you will need to download the Play Press program.

Some useful tips

google play services

In order for your time on Play Market not to cause serious difficulties, you should pay attention to some points:

  1. The Market updates everything it has when you connect to the wi-fi network. And this takes away a decent amount of both RAM and space on the flash drive. This function can be disabled. To do this, go to the settings (“Auto-update” – check the box for “Never”).
  2. Before you download or buy anything, it is advisable to read the description and reviews. The reviews can tell you about bugs in the program, how they are fixed, and what can replace the program.
  3. It happens that the memory is allegedly not enough. This is corrected as follows: you must go to “Phone Settings» — «Applications” – “All” (it is better to order by size). Find Google Play Market and Google Services Framework and press “Erase data”. You will have to go to the Market again, but the problem is likely to be solved. See what to do if play market doesn’t work.
  4. Do not think that paid games and applications are better than free ones. You can find a lot of great stuff in the free stuff, too.

A video on setting up google play market

Google Play is a very useful service, if only because everything is collected in one place and you do not need to look for the required utility somewhere on the expanses of the Internet.

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