How to install Vyber on your computer – with or without a phone, via emulator

How to install Viber on your computer - with and without a phone

Hello. Many users still think that the Viber app is exclusively mobile. Today I want to dispel this myth and also tell you how to install Viber on your computer.

The official website offers full-fledged versions of the free software for any hardware. In fact, everything is easy, you just need to download the utility, perform the installation, and then you can use simultaneously with the product for smartphones.

How to install Viber on your computer

Some features

Before you decide to install the prog on your computer, it is worth learning about some of the features that accompany this program:

  • The ability to function on any platform. Works on any operating system, it is easy to install on a computer with Windows or Linux, many people are attracted by this advantage;
  • here you will find many interesting options that are purchased for money, in addition, there are free offers. These can be stickers that can easily replace the standard emoticons;
  • there is a function of automatic synchronization, that is, all existing contacts of friends and acquaintances from your phone book is instantly copied to a similar section of the account Viber on your computer;
  • there is a convenient notification system that works even when the application is minimized, you can use online calls;
  • free use – you do not have to pay for all the basic options;
  • the ability to make a voice call with great sound;
  • sending text SMS with the ability to insert stickers and emoticons;
  • you can link your profile in the messenger to one of the social networks you use;
  • no advertising blocks;
  • you can create chats with several participants.

What do I need to do first?

How do I install the application on my computer? If you were previously able to install a browser or some kind of text editor, everything will work out quickly.

You should go to the website of the developer: You can download the utility to your PC in Russian, to do this, click on the green block with the download of Viber Desktop.

Viber download page

You can use a direct link: Download Viber on PC (official Russian version).

It is better to download from the main resource of the company, because here you will always find the latest prog, russified, free, virus and malware free.

This applies to downloading all free utilities. The installer for your computer weighs about eighty-five megabytes, and the program is regularly updated. You can install Viber without going through a long registration process at any time, sending paid messages is not required. The utility works with all new versions of Windows.

Installing Viber on your PC

So, you went to the site, then you should do the following steps:

  • choose the folder where the installer will be saved;
  • After downloading open the specified directory and run the file ViberSetup.exe;
  • on the first step, you can click on the link and read the User Agreement, or just confirm your agreement with it and click Install;
Install button when installing Viber
  • during the download, you will see a green bar on the computer display, showing the status of the Viber installation. And at the end you will see the button “Close”, on which you click and go to the setting of the application;
  • Special box will open, if you already have a mobile application (go to the next steps), mark it if you do not have, you will receive an offer to install the utility on your gadget to begin with;
Choose if you have Viber on your smartphone or not
  • specify the cell phone number, if necessary, change the code by selecting the desired country;
  • Click on the purple “Continue” button;
Specify the phone number for Viber activation
  • An activation number (a code of several digits, usually 4-6) will be sent to your phone;
  • you will receive a notification with the password, you must enter it into the corresponding field.

Since recently, the activation code is not sent. Instead, you need to scan the QR code shown on the monitor with your smartphone. This will be discussed further below.

Activating the application for the first time

The installation of Viber on the computer will be finished and it will be activated automatically. After entering the phone number, you will see a black and white QR code with a proposal to activate the software.

On the mobile device, turn on the Internet access, and the Viber client will ask to provide access to the smartphone camera. It will be enough just to point the frame to the display of the monitor, and the gadget will read this pin itself and confirm the legality of using your account on two devices.

Scan Viber QR code

The status “Successful” will be displayed in the Vyber application for your computer. All you have to do is click the “Open…” button. The final touch is the transfer of contacts and correspondence. To do this, perform synchronization:

Copying contacts and messages in Viber

For the “ten” created a special version, called modern application. This application is designed specifically for the new Microsoft operating system. But those who have already used it instead of the standard file, do not advise to try the novelty. So it’s better to use the classic software.

After these steps, the prog will be ready to function. Contacts, dialogs and avatars will gradually be loaded. The procedure can even take several hours.

Will it be possible to download Viber on PC without a mobile gadget?

If you do not want to install the application on your phone, I will tell you about another method – the use of the Android emulator. It turns out that you can install Vyber on a PC without a SIM card and a smartphone through a specialized offer, similar to the operating system for gadgets, a kind of system in the system. You will find Blue Stacks at the developer –

When the installation is complete, go to your Google account and then Google Play.

Look for Viber.

Viber in Bluestax

You’ll need to do more activation – click “Continue”. Write your phone number, it is important to do the registration in the messenger. If you have already used Viber on your smartphone, it is required to read the QR-code, about this already mentioned.

There is a way out and for those who have not started a profile in Google – install using the APK Viber, it is located here: Download Viber apk

Should go to the folder “Downloads” in the window of the emulator Android, find the downloaded viber apk file and tap your finger on it, the installation will start. Then all the above steps are performed in order.

This method will be a “helper” if:

  • do not have a smartphone;
  • you want to use a different profile;
  • SIM card, registered in Vyber, was unavailable.

There is no need to pay for this utility, moreover, it is translated into Russian. Will take about three megabytes of memory, and the user becomes available messenger, as well as other offers for Android. Service will consider that it works with the version from a cell phone and not from a computer, although in fact you will work with PC.

Using the web-version without downloading

Viber online is not provided. You can go to your profile, top up your balance, for calls to a cell phone, but that’s all. The developers have not yet provided this type of option for the service (although Web WhatsApp has been functioning for a long time). In any case, you will need to install the application on your PC.

Is it worth waiting for the appearance of Web Viber? Most likely, yes. The online use of the software is very popular, so most of the customers will use it right away.

This product is super versatile, because it is easy to install on all types of platforms. Programs are created not only for mobile operating systems, but also for Linux, Windows and Mac. Interestingly, Viber for Windows 7 was developed one of the first for desktop PC users.

The computer version of the service is a great software offering that can make communicating online comfortable. You can use a keyboard and a normal screen, it does not require any other resources, the toolkit is simple and straightforward.

It is better to use the most recent offerings, because updates come out with enviable regularity. How do I install Viber on my computer? You can do it quickly and easily, you do not need to pay anything, the product is russified. All necessary localizations are already in the installer package. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Subscribe to the updates of the blog, so as not to miss the most interesting and necessary material.

Regards, Victor!

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