How to make a baby face in TickTock: How to find and apply the baby effect

TickTock is a service that allows you to post and watch short videos. One of the main features and advantages is the ability to change the content through a large number of effects. Beginner users of the service often have the question of how to make a baby face in a video in TickTock. All filters and effects are applied by performing the same algorithm.

What does the baby face effect look like?

The baby face effect looks like a modified, doll-like appearance of the video’s author. Unfortunately, this filter is not yet available in TickTock. Surely, soon the developers will fix the annoying oversight, and TickTockers will be able to create babyface directly. In the meantime, you’ll have to take advantage of third-party applications. For example, Snapchat.


Sometimes the user cannot find the desired effect. Before you start searching, make sure that the program is updated to the latest version. Only ticktockers with a device that meets the declared minimum system requirements can fully use masks. There are more than 30 masks in the Effects section.

Can I find this effect in TickTock?

Those looking for the cool babyface mask in TickTock will be disappointed: it’s not there. This effect requires special software, Snapchat. Finding this application in GooglePlay, AppStore is not difficult. The program is optimized for both platforms. Then the following standard actions are performed:

Make sure that the system requirements of the smartphone, including the availability of free space, meet the requests of the utility.

Go to “Google Play” (“UpStore” for iPhones).


Start downloading the Snapchat app.


Wait for the message about the end of the installation.

Next, let’s look at how to work with babyface, to create really cool videos in Snapchat.

How to make a baby face with Snapchat

The program menu itself is arranged quite simply, somewhat reminiscent of TickTock. All the work starts from the main screen. In the center, slightly offset downward, is the “ring” to activate recording a clip. And next to it is the smiley icon. We need it for further processing of the content.

After clicking on the symbol, the user enters the next menu. Here you can find the special effects, including the babyface we need. It looks like an easily recognized icon of a smiling baby with two ears and ruddy cheeks. To find it, you have to scroll the slider to the right.


There is nothing complicated about applying the mask. The video is shot as usual, with the required duration. You need to focus the front camera so that the face is in the frame. And here the user is in for an unexpected “surprise”: there will be an “extra” animated element in the filmed vinyl – a rattle.

Apparently, the developers decided that since the babyface effect is used, it should be supplemented with this trick. Otherwise, the audience won’t understand it. When the recording is done, all you have to do is to press the “Save” button. The job is done, the clip goes into the gallery. Everything is clear, there should be no mistakes.

After imposing the effect is left to put the clip in TickTock, add tags and a description, place it on the service. And wait for an influx of new subscribers, enthusiastic comments and likes.


How do I find videos with this effect?

A previously created clip is saved in the gallery along with other videos. It remains to open it again, already in TickTock. Experienced users assure that this effect significantly increases the number of views, allows you to gain rating in the network.

Another distinguishing feature: The babyface video will have an animation of a baby rattle. If you can’t find the finished video, you may have forgotten to save it.

Interesting examples with this mask

Original videos with babyface instantly take off to the top. That’s where you should look for them. Users with their likes vote for the best vines, with the face of the darc, the mask in the form of a man with ears. It is a pity, of course, that tiktokkers can not yet directly create this effect. Forced to use third-party applications.


Have to start each time you record a video by scrolling through the line of masks. It is convenient that the desired one is located at the very end, so you won’t have to look for it for a long time. And there is no escaping from the two-step algorithm with consecutive creation of the effect first in Snapchat, and then opening it in TikTok.

The intuitive interface of both applications will help users. And thanks to the ease of application of the mask, working with the TikTok social network, such procedures will not be too burdensome.

The TikTok service offers a wealth of opportunities for content creators. Applying a baby face in a video will give you a chance to surprise your subscribers and attract additional attention. Regular ticktokers can also use masks to create funny videos to show to their friends and acquaintances.

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