How to make a background for a video in Movavi: how to use chromakey, instructions for work

Chromakey is the general name of a technique that allows you to create events around people or certain locations that are impossible in the real world. In particular, using this method, actors in sci-fi movies are put on spaceships. Special programs for creating clips have similar capabilities. And finding the answer to the question of how you can make a background for a video in Movavi does not cause difficulties.

What it looks like

Chromakey refers to the method of replacing the background. In this case, the acting characters or other objects acting in the frame as the main, are not affected.


To perform such an operation it is necessary to shoot a reel with a green color as a background (blue is used less often). The choice in favor of this shade is due to the fact that it is easier to separate from the rest.

The chromakey effect is reduced to the following: the scene is shot against a green background. Then, in a special editor like Movavi, the latter is removed with the built-in tools. After that, the desired picture is inserted instead of the green background. Thanks to this intervention, it turns out that, for example, the actors are transferred to another, drawn world.


How to apply the chromakey effect to video

This effect is supported by most video editors. Built-in tools automatically replace the background with a user-defined one.

Install Movavi Video Editor Plus

This editor features a convenient and clear interface, allowing you to embed new images into a previously created video with a few clicks, replacing the background. Such work does not take much time. You also have no problems installing the program on your computer. And you need to download the version of Movavi that fits your operating system.


For this video editor, there is a special service called VideoBlocks, where you can select a suitable background for future clips. This tool is also used during training to use the program.

Add video to the program for chromakey

When shooting a video clip in which you plan to replace the background with a new one, you need to take into account that the main objects should not go beyond the frame. Otherwise the picture will turn out blurry or unsuccessful. The background should be in the same place as the objects to be shot in the video.

After creating a clip, the latter must be uploaded to Movavi. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the program and select “Create project in advanced mode”. This will make the tools for replacing the background available.


  • Click “Add Files”.


  • Select 2 files. Upload a clip with a green background and an additional video or image to replace the background of the first clip.


To get a clip in which the main objects and what’s behind harmonize with each other, we recommend using a bright green, pink or blue background. The other hues are more difficult to highlight with Movavi tools. In some cases it is impossible to do so.

Also, when shooting video you need to pay attention to the colors of objects that will remain in the clip. The color of clothing and other objects must not match the hue of the background.

Change the background of the video

To remove the background and insert a new image (video) into the created clip you need to adhere to the recommendations of the following instruction:

  • Transfer the source clip to the main track in the Movavi Editor.


  • Right-click the empty space on the track and select a new video (image).
  • Drag and drop the video clip with a uniform background onto the loaded clip (image).


  • Adjust the length of the video and position it where you want it. At this stage you can work with the clip: crop, resize and change the direction of the picture.
  • Detach and remove the soundtrack, if necessary.


  • Select the “Pipette” tool and specify which part of the picture you want to make transparent.
  • Using the sliders that appear on the side of the frame, adjust the desired transparency. At this stage, the loaded picture (video) will appear instead of the background. The changes you have made will appear in the right window as soon as you move the slider to a new position.
  • Apply the changes you have made. After that, the program will automatically insert the specified background into the clip.


Although it’s easy to use such a tool, Movavi gives you the opportunity to change the size of the area instead of which the new background is applied. To do this, you need to configure the “Pipette”. In the “Tolerance” parameter you need to set the number of shades of the primary color that will be hidden on the video clip. Thanks to this you can replace not only the green background, but also lettuce, turquoise and other objects.

Also in the process, it is recommended to use the tool “Noise”, which removes graininess, making the picture more natural, and removes the chromakey effect. To remove the rest of the background, go to “Edge” and select the area you want to clean up on the frame.

When recording video, it is recommended to make the back of the frames homogeneous. Despite its enhanced performance, Movavi does not correctly handle backgrounds with different shades in some cases.


Save the clip

After replacing the back part, it is recommended to check all the frames on which such manipulations have been performed. At this stage you should pay attention to how the background harmonizes with the objects located in the front. In case of discrepancies (main objects contrasting with the given image or other) you should delete the changes made and perform the procedure again.

When you’re done, you need to save the clip by clicking the appropriate button. Movavi is intended for creating videos that can be viewed on a computer or other device, as well as for uploading to the Internet (particularly to YouTube). When you save your video, we recommend that you choose the destination of the future clip right away.


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