How to make a hyperlink in Telegram: how to hide a clickable link in text

If you insert a link to a site or an image as a text in the message, then sometimes it takes too much space and looks ugly. A natural question arises – how to make a clickable hyperlink in Telegram, enclosed in a word or phrase? This can be done with the help of the official bot of the application or independently, using formatting.

To hide the transition to a web page behind a word or phrase, numerous Telegram bots or an encoding system using special keyboard shortcuts are used. The latter is advisable only on a computer.


On Android

On Android phones there is no automatic function of hyperlinks, so you need to use the services of bots to hide a too long website address in the text. This text can only be displayed on your own channels where the user is an administrator. It will not be possible to send a message with a hyperlink to a friend.

To create a clickable word, go to the channel and click the settings icon in the upper right corner.

As an administrator add. @markdownbot.


Then you need to enter the dialog with the robot and activate it with the “Start” button.


Now the publications can be designed using the template: [text](link).

On Iphone

You can easily create an active text with a hidden address using a similar bot @ControllerBot.

The sequence of actions is the same as on android, but the text will be designed like this: [link text](

On computer

A clickable message can be made in two ways. You can get a nice, fast hyperlink with a keyboard shortcut. Just highlight a phrase or word and press Ctrl+K. In the URL field, enter the desired link.


The second way is with the help of automatic programs, like on android or iPhone.

Possible problems

Bots do not always work correctly, especially if you do not install updates on the mobile smartphone app. If the hyperlink does not work even after following the sequence of all actions, it makes sense to install the latest update from the mobile market and check the phone cache.

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