How to make a landscape sheet in Word – rotate horizontally

How to make a landscape page in Word - rotate horizontally

As soon as you open the Word editor, the pages are displayed vertically. But what to do if you need to change the placement, how to make in Word landscape sheet – rotate horizontally (one or all at once)? To your attention a detailed instruction that gives answers to the above questions. Consider the situation on the example of different versions of word processor company Microsoft.

Word 97, 2000 and 2003

These editions of Word had an interface that differs from the modern one. This applies to the main menu and the arrangement of the sub-items. What do you need to do to rotate?

  • Click on the “File” element (above) and go to “Parameters”;
  • Immediately you find yourself in the “Margins” section, where you should find the line with the name “Orientation” and select one of the display options – landscape or portrait:
Changing page settings in Word 97-2003
  • Be sure to click OK to save any changes you have made.

If markup mode is open (when rulers are displayed), you can bring up the window with the desired settings simply by double-clicking with the left mouse button on any free space on the page.

How do I change the selected text?

If you want to apply the transformation to a certain block of the document only, first select the necessary fragment with the mouse. Then go to “Options” (see previous instruction), change the mode to “Landscape”, and from the list below choose the desired option – “To selected text”:

Changing the orientation to landscape for a single sheet

Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and later

How to rotate a sheet horizontally in newer versions of Word. The instructions will be significantly different, the actions are performed according to a simplified scheme:

  • In the top menu, open the tab “Markup…”, then click on the “Orientation” icon and choose the desired way to place the page:

  • If you need to flip one block (or several, but not all at once), then first select some text, open the “Layout” menu, click on the black arrow in the lower right corner, and find yourself on the “Parameters” page:

How to open sheet options in Word 2016

After you’ve done the manipulation, the “chunk” of the document will be displayed in landscape format, and the other elements will still be in portrait format (vertically).

I’m sure that the topic “How to make a landscape sheet in Word” is quite easy to understand. But if you don’t get something right, be sure to let me know in the comments. I’d appreciate feedback on the article if you found it useful.

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