How to make a link to a group in Telegram: creating an invitation to a channel

Users prefer Telegram for its versatility, reliability, high level of protection. The messenger uses URLs for all correspondence, accounts or communities. Let’s find out how to make a link to a group, channel in Telegram to send data to other users on the service, if necessary – to other platforms.

The URL is mostly generated by the service and placed in the information window. All that remains is to transfer it to the intermediate data repository via the control button. There are cases when there is no link, the user has to create it himself.


To the group

The ability to generate a link to accept users into the community is only available to users who have the rights of the group administrator.

Algorithm of URL creation:

  • Enter the Telegram settings.
  • Click the “Add member” button.


  • Go to “Invite to Group via Link”. In the desktop version, “Greate an invite link.


  • Replicate a URL.


The address can then be forwarded to your friends. Anyone will be able to follow the link to enter the community, you just need to click on the name.

In an effort to secure private channels and chats, the developers have made it so that the URL is not generated. It is necessary to resort to the help of a special link-invitation. To create it, you need to click on the appropriate section by selecting it from the menu.

In someone else’s closed channel it is not possible to carry out such actions. The user can reuse an invitation link sent to him earlier. It can be used to send it to other users, or publish.

To the channel

Only the administrator has the right to send the URL of a private channel. To give a URL from a PC, select “Invite link” in the settings menu. If the user uses the mobile version of Telegram, the parameters are corrected through “Edit – Channel type”.


The URL to the community is copied in any convenient order, send it out. To replicate it on a mobile device, clip the name. The link to the closed channel is visible to all users of the service. It is placed in the group description.

Invite via link

If you place the URL in the groups, you can increase the number of subscribers. To create an address on your computer:

  • Enter channel settings, select edit menu.
  • Change the channel type to private.

Channel Type

  • Copy the URL that appears, and exit the settings without giving permission to save any changes.

Link to Channel

You can share the URL on other resources or in thematic groups. Users who click the link will automatically become channel subscribers. URL can be left unchanged or hidden under a hyperlink.

A user can have 2 usernames on Telegram. One he specifies during account activation. The other is the user name (User name). It is not necessary to have it, but it allows you to hide your phone number. Username is a unique profile identifier by which to search for contacts – it couldn’t be easier. To find a contact at the service you do not need to enter a phone number, just put a nickname in the search bar. Finding a user by name, last name will be possible only if they are entered in the phone book.

The URL to the account will be formed as soon as the user name is added. Algorithm of creation in the telephone version of Telegram:

  • Enter the Settings menu by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  • Tap on the “Username” section. Set your nickname, which must be at least 5 characters long. It can include numbers, Latin letters and the underscore.


  • After entering, click on the button to save the changes. In the column “Username” after adding it, a link is generated. It can be copied and pasted into conversations.


To copy the User name, you should tap on it and hold it. In the pop-up menu, click the appropriate item. When you go to the chat where you want to send the URL, paste it using the same algorithm.

In the messenger’s phone version, username, channel names and chat names are represented as @name. On other platforms, such a link will not work. Solution options if the URL needs to be placed on a site outside of the Telegram app:

  • send the URL in the desktop version of the messenger;
  • change the @ icon to;
  • open the “Share” interface, click on the address, then – on the necessary service.

Without clicking on the link, the user can view the content of the channel or community. To put the option into action, you need to copy the URL and transfer it to the chat. The personal data of the user, dialogs will not get to third parties, as it is securely protected by the Telegram app.

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