How to make a photo from video on Android: 7 ways to cut a frame

Images and video are two different formats that are, however, similar to each other. The first type is a static picture and the second is a moving image with sound. When we watch a film or a video, sometimes we want to capture a still image. So it makes sense to figure out how to make a photo from a video on the Android phone. There are several options for performing the operation, involving the use of standard or third-party tools.

How to make a photo from a video on Android using a screenshot

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the desire to take a still picture is to create a screenshot.


This feature is supported on all smartphones without exception and works according to the same algorithm:

  • Start the video playback.
  • Wait until the video reaches the desired mark.
  • Perform the action that leads to the creation of a screenshot.


The last step should be discussed in more detail, because there are several ways to take a screenshot.

The choice of a particular option directly depends on the features of your smartphone, so some methods may not work:


  • Pressing the bottom volume knob and the power button simultaneously;
  • Pressing the power and home buttons at the same time;
  • Swiping three fingers across the screen;
  • Fixing the screen through a special button in the control center (notification curtain);
  • use of special applications.

Despite the fact that the creation of a screenshot does not cause problems even for the user who can hardly call himself a smartphone expert, this option has a significant drawback. A screenshot obtained with a screenshot is limited by the resolution of the screen.


That is, if you’re watching a movie in FullHD resolution, and your smartphone’s display conforms to the HD standard, you’ll get an HD photo with poor detail. Therefore, to achieve high quality it is recommended to use specialized software aimed at creating still images.

Video to Photo Frame Grabber

There are quite a few programs that allow you to cut a frame from the movie, but Video to Photo Frame Grabber is the best option, as it combines simplicity and functionality. Using its example, let’s look at the general principle of creating a photo from a video, and then just dwell on the features of the alternative software:

  • Install the application using Google Play Market or another source.
  • Launch the program.
  • Press the “+” button.
  • Give Video to Photo Frame Grabber all the necessary permissions.
  • Select the video from which you want to take a still image.
  • Start playback and stop it where you want to cut the frame.
  • Click the Photo button.
  • If desired, edit the capture area by shrinking it with a pinch motion.
  • Click the check mark to save the image.


The same algorithm will be relevant for the other applications discussed in this article. Slight differences will affect the names of the menu items, but this is unlikely to be a serious obstacle to creating a still image.

Video to Image Converter

A similar application designed to perform the only function: capture a frame from a video. It works on the same principle as the previous program. That is, you need to run Video to Image Converter, select your video and stop the playback at the right moment by pressing the capture button. Then all the captured images will be displayed in the “My Captures” folder, as well as in the “Gallery” of your smartphone.



A different kind of program, which is a full-fledged video editor with a huge number of functions. One of them is a frame grabber. Its principle of operation is similar to the algorithm for previous applications, but the functionality of InShot leads to the fact that it is difficult for a new user to understand the overloaded interface. In addition, the disadvantage of the program is the presence of watermarks, and this fact is unlikely to please the person planning to place a still image in social networks.


Extract images video

A simpler utility devoid of unnecessary features that content makers might need. If you only need to capture a frame, then don’t torture yourself with the InShot interface and the watermarking problem. Install Extract images video and use the option to create a photo from a video by clicking the appropriate button during playback.


Stop Motion Video

A functional program centered around the option to cut frames. Stop Motion Video is not a full-fledged video editor, but a highly specialized software that allows you to copy and paste the resulting frames. There is also a simple capture function, which you need. The interface is easy to understand because the menu is translated into Russian.


Picture Extractor

Rounding out the selection is an application from Inglesdivino studio that is notable for its simplicity. Picture Extractor is not popular, unlike the other reviewed programs, but at the same time it performs all the necessary actions for capturing images. Capture works on the principle of video playback followed by stopping and pressing the “Photo” button.

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