How to make money on Kwork and find decent performers

Kwork is the indispensable assistant to a blogger

Hello. Not so long ago I shared with you the success of my blog “IT Technician”. Literally immediately people started asking me how I was able to do such a great amount of work myself. Of course, I did not work on the project by myself. Now I have a small team, which I was able to organize thanks to freelancing exchange Kwork.

It was not easy!

Once I began training at Borisov school of bloggers, I had to find people who could help me with website template make-up and filling with materials. I had to try quite a few freelancing services (fl, weblancer), but they constantly came across not too conscientious “guys”. Or constantly delayed the deadline for delivery of the job, or even disappeared somewhere.


The most annoying thing is when they ask you for a big advance payment, do part of the job, and then begin different excuses. All in all, nothing but disappointment. In January 2016 I saw an for a new exchange, Kwork, which offered interesting conditions for both employers and performers.


The principle of work

People who want to earn on their skills (writing texts, page layout, programming, shooting videos, etc.), create a “quart”, the cost of which is strictly limited – 500 rubles. In the description, the performer specifies:

  • what amount of work he is ready to do for this money;
  • In what time frame he will meet (1, 2 days);
  • What additional services he provides.

Using the category filter, I found several interesting copywriters, contacted them to clarify the task, and then ordered a piece. The next day my texts were ready. After checking, I screened out a couple of people and started working with one of the writers. After almost a year, we are still working together on the site.

The cost of the quart

In the same way I picked up the codifier. And it’s all thanks to Quark. Don’t think, I’m not trying to advertise the already popular service. I just share some useful information in case you are looking for performers for your projects.

By the way, according to my editor in chiefBy the way, according to my chief editor, you can make good money on Kwork by giving it any amount of your free time. So, if you or your friends want to “freelance”, I recommend to register in this service.


What I also like about it is the contests. They are held regularly. I recently finished one for “sellers” of services. You had to tell your story how Quark helped you become financially independent.

And now a new event for “buyers” (like me) has started. Again, you have to share your experience of using the service. Among all participants will be raffled cash prizes and the main prize – iPhone 7. I hope to win!

Contest on the kwork

I advise you to join, too!

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