How to move TEMP folder to another drive and free up space

Recently I gave you an in-depth introduction to temporary storage and clearing it out. Sometimes there is a situation where an HDD or SSD does not have enough space to store these files, and the question arises – how to move the TEMP folder to another drive in Windows? We will not talk about manually moving it, but setting up applications so that they create temporary objects on other drives (partitions) at once.

This is not always useful!

The fact is that most programs (browsers) use these items to speed up their work, to improve performance. And if you change their location, it can have a negative impact on performance. It may be a good idea to just a disk cleanup to increase free space, and TEMP untouched.

How to clear TEMP

How to move temporary files

By default, such components are located in the Windows system folder, inside the folders named “TEMP” and “TMP”. Similar objects can be found in user directories along the path:

The purpose of the following instruction is to automatically move them to another location by configuring the software settings:

  • First, we create a directory named “Temp” on the D drive (or any drive other than C). Theoretically, it will be created by itself, but it is better to do it yourself.
  • Now press Win + X to display the main context menu. In it, click on “System”:
System menu

If you do not use a “ten”, but Windows 7, then it is worth right clicking on the icon “My Computer” (desktop) and go to “Properties”.

  • On the left side you will see a small menu where you should select “Advanced system settings”:
Advanced system settings
  • A window opens, at the bottom of which there is an “Environment Variables” button (go to the “Advanced” section beforehand:
Environment variables button
  • You will see a separate list of environment variables for the system and users:
Environment Variables list

A little tip: If you have several accounts added to Windows, it may be better to create a separate folder for temporary files for each of them on drive D. But it is better not to move the system directories. But you can do as you see fit. You will not get a critical error from your actions, but the performance may slightly decrease.

Continue with “how to move the TEMP folder to another drive”!

  • Highlight a specific option (a line with a variable and a specified path), click below the window “Change” button and write in the value field the new location (the folder you created earlier in the D drive).

  • Confirm the changes made by pressing “OK”.

We were able to move the temporary files to another drive. Now browsers and system tools will save temp data in the place you want.

To save disk space, I suggest using my recommendations on how to Move OneDrive и swap file.

Still have questions? Any problems? Message me in the comments – I’ll answer it for sure.

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