How to pay the traffic police fine through Sberbank online with 50% discount

2 ways on how to pay the traffic police fine via Sberbank online

Hello. It is not uncommon for vehicle owners to get into various trouble on the road, as a result of which they have to deal with traffic police officers. Situations can be both the most primitive (improper parking), and more serious (drunk driving, speeding). If you are handed a receipt to pay for the violation. Then it will be useful to know how to pay a traffic police fine through Sberbank online and get a 50% discount.

Convenience and savings

The method described below will help not only save money, but also time. There is no need to stand in line at the bank branch, it is enough to perform a few simple operations on your computer or smartphone.

What you need to do?

  • First, you should open the official Sberbank page in your browser. Then enter your credentials (password, login);
  • Once authorization is complete, go to “Payments and Transfers”, scroll through the list, and find the item “Traffic Police, Duties, Taxes…”. Inside you will see the option “State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate”:
Sberbank - Transfers and Payments - State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate
  • A new window will be loaded, where you should click on the link “Fines…”. Please note that you do not pay any commission for this category.
  • Then you are given a choice of two options: either pay all at once, or select a specific payment, according to the decree number. I will now tell you about each of the options in more detail.

Bulk processing

If you intend to pay all debts to the state for their violations, you need to have the numbers of the driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate on hand.

  • Specify the option “Search…” in the list of services and enter all the required information, and then click on “Continue”:
Search for unpaid fines
  • After the form is processed, a list of all unpaid fines (one or more) will be displayed. Highlight them all, make sure you have enough money on your account and click continue again:
Mass fines payment form
  • Now just follow the prompts and within a minute it’s all over!

Specific Receipt.

How to pay a traffic police fine through Sberbank online by the number of the decree?

  • It is necessary in the list of services to select the value “Payment by receipt” and specify the number of the document issued to you by the employees of the traffic police:
Payment of the selected fine
  • Once the form is processed, you will see detailed information about the “debt”. Here is an interesting point: look at the date, if twenty days have not yet passed, then you are very lucky – you can get a discount by paying only half of the amount specified in the receipt.

Alas, not all traffic offenses are covered by such a “bonus. There is a list, according to which you have to pay in full:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol;
  • Significant speeding, driving through a “red light” that is of a recurring nature;
  • Driving into “oncoming” traffic in places where overtaking is prohibited (solid line);
  • If you have caused an accident resulting in personal injury.

Below you can see how the system works. Instead of five hundred rubles you pay half of the fine, i.e., 250 rubles:

Half of fine amount

Now you know how to pay a traffic police fine through Sberbank online with a 50% discount. It’s all good, but it’s better not to violate the rules at all. And if such a situation turned out to be unavoidable, try to minimize the damage, so as not to “get on a lot of money”.

Regards, Victor!

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