How to post photos to Instagram from your computer: apps, online

Often there is a need to quickly upload photos or videos to Instagram from the computer. Alas, the official site does not provide such an opportunity – there you can only watch the feed, write comments, give likes, make changes to your profile. But there is a problem with adding a post. As an option, it is realistic to copy the information from your PC to your phone and already run them through the app. But there are other ways to publish photos on Instagram from a computer.

Free and paid methods of promotion of Instagram account

Through the official client for Windows 10

If you are a user of this version of the OS from Microsoft, just follow the link, install the proven software from the store. But it also has some limitations: you can post photos only in the “History” or when creating a broadcast. To do this, click on the camera image at the top of the window, then specify the path to the files:

Instagram for

If you read the feedback to the application, you can understand that many users ask the developers to implement a full-fledged addition of pictures. Let’s hope that the creators will listen to the wishes.

As an alternative, you can try the unofficial client InstaPic.

Instaru service

Go to InstaPic page, enter e-mail and password for quick registration. Now you can use the tools to promote your account:

Useful features of Instaru

Choose “Auto-posting” and publish photos in any quantity with the possibility of creating a schedule of scheduled posts. Detailed instructions for working with Instaru:

Installing the Android emulator

There are a lot of similar software on the network. One of the most popular is the utility BlueStacks, which you can download here. After installation the Android shell shortcut will appear on the desktop, where you can easily download any application. The principle of use is the same as on the smartphone:

  • In the settings (gear icon) add your Google account.
  • Open Play Market and install the Instagram app.
  • On the left side of the BlueStacks window, click on the folder image and select the photos you want:
Blustax emulator window
  • The program will ask – with which application to open the file? You choose Instagram. And then – everything is intuitively simple! How to add photos – you figure it out.

Utility Gramblr.

Compact and convenient solution. You can download from the official site by selecting the appropriate version (for MacOS or Windows 32 / 64 bit):

Versions of the Gramblr utility

After launching, specify the login information for your Instagram account. Then use the drag-and-drop method – open the folder with the photos, and drag the desired items into the program window with the mouse cursor:

Gramblr interface

You can edit, apply filters, and crop in advance. In the last step you leave a signature, insert hashtags. Also, deferred posting (planning for the future) is available.


If you do not want to install anything on your PC, then how to publish a photo to Instagram from your computer? Online services will do. In addition to the above-described Instaru, there are many analogues. But only some of them are worthy of attention.

A fairly new, but fast-developing resource, Instaposting, works even without registration. It is enough to choose photos, edit them, write text and specify the data for authorization in the account:

Instaposting service

Conditionally free solution with a test period of 5 days, which offers users a lot of useful functionality. This is not just a post scheduler, but also a full-fledged tool for promotion (promotion) of the account.

Instaplus Service


This service has a broader purpose because it works with several social networks at once. As soon as you log in, you will be given fifty free posts for a month. If you want more, you have to pay a fee.

The interface is very simple. I think there is no point in describing all the points:

SMMplanner service

One of the disadvantages of the software is the lack of a built-in editor. Therefore, the pictures should be prepared in advance (to impose filters, text, retouching, etc.).

I’m sure that the ways described by me, how to publish photos to Instagram via computer, will definitely be useful for you. I would like to know your opinion about the “participants” of the review: what services or programs you liked. What would you like to change in them.

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