How to record a phone call on Android: how to enable saving and setup

Making calls to a hotline or a large call center, you’ve probably heard the message that your conversation will be recorded. However, both parties, including you, can record the conversation. This may be necessary for a number of reasons (for example, to create evidence in the case of incoming calls from fraudsters). Next, let’s figure out how to record a phone conversation on the Android operating system, and consider the best recording applications.

The standard way to record for Android

To record a conversation, you don’t have to install additional software on your phone at all. Third-party apps are one way to record, but not the only way.


If necessary, you can set up call recording with your smartphone’s built-in tools:

  • Make a call or accept an incoming call.
  • Tap the “Record” button on the call screen.
  • Tap this button again to complete the recording.

As a side note. When you activate this function, your interlocutor will be notified that the conversation is being recorded. Thus, you won’t be able to secretly record conversations.

After the recording is complete, an audio file will appear on your phone, which you can play via the built-in player as well as transfer to any other device, including your computer.


Appliqato .

Despite the fact that recording of calls is possible without the help of third-party software, if you want you can install a special application on your smartphone that performs the same functions. In particular, it can be Appliqato. The program is available for free download in the Play Market store.

Advertising .

The peculiarity of the application is the fact that it records conversations in automatic mode. That is, you do not have to press additional buttons when making a call. It is enough to run the program and allow it to work in the background, and then both outgoing and incoming calls will be recorded. Also, the user can choose where to save the audio: internal memory, SD-card, cloud service.


CallRec .

This application with a telling name also supports automatic recording of conversations, which does not require the user to press any buttons. All you have to do is run CallRec and issue all the requested permissions.

Inside the program itself, there are a bunch of options aimed at simplifying the process. You can choose where to save the audio file, the format of the recording, and come up with an autoresponder message. In short, CallRec is a multifunctional program that should be in the arsenal of every Android smartphone user.


Auto Call Recorder (formerly CallX)

The name of this program also speaks for itself. On the Play Market you can find it by the request “Auto Call Recorder” or “CallX”. Functionally, the application is designed to be used in conjunction with Samsung smartphones, but no one forbids you to put Auto Call Recorder on Xiaomi or Huawei.

The software is characterized by the presence of a wide range of functions. You can choose the format of the audio file, under which the call will be saved, as well as customize the recording mode. It can be manual or automatic. In the first case, you must first press the “Rec” button, and in the second – the program performs all the necessary actions for the owner of the smartphone.


Callbox .

A good option for those who want to turn on the call unnoticed by the interlocutor. When you use Callbox the recording starts without warning. The application works in a similar way to the previously discussed programs. The user has the ability to select the format of the future audio file and the place to save it. In addition, the program is able to work in manual as well as in automatic mode.

In the settings Callbox can divide caller numbers into ordinary and important. Thus, it is possible to enable call fixing not for all people at once, but for selected contacts. This is an important setting that will surely be appreciated by people who use their phone for business purposes and often contact customers.



A multifunctional application that is not only used for the purpose of recording conversations. Truecaller is a full-featured dialer that can be an alternative to the standard “Phone” program. It has a built-in caller ID that tells you if spammers or regular people are calling you.

The program has a friendly interface that is easy to use. But that’s not why Truecaller made the list. You must be attracted by the possibility to record calls. And let it is not so functional in terms of available settings, but the recorder works without any complaints, giving a clear record without distortion.

Important. The voice recorder feature in Truecaller is available only with a paid subscription. However, you can use the trial period to test the program functionality.


Cube Call Recorder ACR.

Another application that can not only record conversations, but also identify the calling organization. Cube Call Recorder ACR can be used as an antispam application, that will protect you from calls from scammers.

As for recording conversations, the owner of the smartphone will be able to choose the final format, depending on what kind of files the player works with. The audio recording can be immediately sent by e-mail or uploaded to the cloud. If you do not want to search for the resulting audio file, you can listen to the recording directly through Cube Call Recorder ACR. For this purpose the developers prepared their own media player that supports all available formats.


Record My Call

Free application that has a modest, but clear interface that will not cause difficulties for a beginner. All you have to do to get started is to download the program through Play Market and then choose the necessary settings. In this respect Record My Call is ready to offer a lot of options:

  • automatic recording of both outgoing and incoming calls;
  • storage selection;
  • synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive;
  • contact filter;
  • works with two SIM-cards at once;
  • availability of a shopping cart.

Despite the extensive functionality, the developers do not ask for money to use their program. However, this does not mean that they are working at a loss. The application is monetized through advertising banners that are present in Record My Call, and here they can fray a lot of nerves in the smartphone owner, if he will often use the utility.


Smart Call Recorder

The final app in our selection is Smart Call Recorder. Many users call it one of the most convenient among the analogues, because the interface has only the necessary tabs without extra functions.

Although Smart Call Recorder looks a bit simple, the program allows the smartphone owner to choose the audio recording format, select the file saving location and play the conversation directly through the application without using any additional software.

Also inside Smart Call Recorder there are a lot of functions, that the average user will hardly notice. For example, if necessary, you can set a password to start the application, so that no unauthorized person has access to the audio recordings. In addition, Smart Call Recorder has its own black and white lists, designed to sort contacts according to the importance of recording conversations with them.


Where is the call recording saved on Android?

As we found out, the Android operating system offers a lot of ways to record conversations. However, it’s not enough to record a call. It is also important to access the resulting audio recording in order to listen to it and, if necessary, send it to another person.

If you used the standard recording, which is provided on every Android smartphone by default, it can be difficult to find the file. However, it is highly likely to be displayed inside the audio player, and you only need to guess the name of the audio recording.


Alternatively, you will be able to find the recording manually through File Explorer (the name of the application for interacting with files). Simply locate the folder Recorder, which is usually in the internal storage, and then navigate to the Call to access the file.

If the recording was done through a third-party software, however, the file will be stored in the folder with the application. Also, don’t forget that third-party programs allow you to customize the storage location. Therefore, the audio file may well end up in the cloud or on a memory card. Finally, listening to the conversation is available directly through the program you are using.

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